In a landscape where digital risks are increasingly prevalent, Netox stands out as an ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified company delivering a unique combination of IT and cybersecurity solutions.

Recognizing the often intricate and time-consuming nature of cybersecurity auditing, Netox has created a solution in the form of CUBE, an innovative SaaS platform. CUBE is designed to transform the way organizations handle their cybersecurity audits, significantly enhancing efficiency and manageability.

CUBE Security: Streamlining Cybersecurity Audits

CUBE was designed with a clear purpose – to streamline and track an organization’s penetration testing and security audit projects. By encouraging collaboration, boosting transparency, and simplifying reporting, CUBE propels cybersecurity management into a new realm of efficacy. It functions as a central hub for all cybersecurity and pentest reports, communications, and results. This consolidation facilitates a clear demonstration of cybersecurity value across an organization and fosters team involvement in this essential work. In addition, CUBE can gather uniform reports from all of your audit and security testing partners, offering a straightforward platform for report comparison. With such sensitive information at stake, CUBE ensures data security through its robust authentication and end-to-end encryption mechanisms.

The Comprehensive Benefits of CUBE

CUBE’s utility extends beyond merely streamlining audits; it offers a broad spectrum of benefits in the realm of cybersecurity. It enhances security governance visualization, making reports more engaging and accessible. CUBE also supports natural workflows in pentesting and auditing projects, enabling auditors to document discovered vulnerabilities and mitigation recommendations during testing engagements. Embracing a security-first approach, CUBE logs all data changes, assigns access controls on a product and project basis, and ensures that all data stored in Finnish datacenters is secured.

Addressing Cybersecurity Auditing Challenges with CUBE

Given the time-consuming and costly nature of traditional IT security audits, which can take up to two weeks and cost between $7000–to $25000–, there is an urgent need for a more efficient solution. CUBE provides such a solution, offering a cost-effective and streamlined approach to cybersecurity audits and demonstrating its critical role in the current cybersecurity landscape.

Expert Insight: Tuomas Tonteri and Marita Harju on the Importance of CUBE

Tuomas Tonteri (CISSP ,CSSLP, CISA), Senior Architect at Netox and a respected veteran in the cybersecurity industry, provides valuable insight into the role of CUBE. He emphasizes, “In addition to traditional information security governance means that focus on processes and the technical perimeter, like policy documents, monitoring, and firewalls, there is a clearly distinctive need to invest in thorough software security supported by offensive security testing. Building a data security architecture to support business and operational security are key to protecting information capital.”

Tuomas Tonteri, Senior Architect, Netox Oy

CUBE embodies this philosophy, transforming the way organizations handle cybersecurity audits and maximize their cybersecurity investments. Currently supporting the penetration testing and maturity assessment projects, the CUBE Security platform is being actively developed towards information systems’ security modeling. This capability enables tracking the realization of technical security controls and mapping them against the organization’s identified information protection needs. With this approach, CUBE concretely backs organizations in their software assurance efforts, ensuring sufficient protection of proprietary and sensitive data.

”CUBE helps to keep things up-to-date. All the actions needed and all the actions completed are documented in one place creating the much needed traceability of past changes as well as for the foreseeable future. This is a major part of accountability, so CUBE really serves us on many levels of compliance and general development of organizational governance.” Marita Harju adds, Senior Manager, cybersecurity, Netox.

Marita Harju, Senior Manager, Cyber security, Netox Oy

CUBE automatically integrates with OpenAI’s API services to utilize their large language models-based knowledge to provide CUBE users with assistive guidance and best practices on how organizations can meet compliance requirements and protect their environments. CUBE users benefit from the application of artificial intelligence without any of their private or environment related data being shared with external parties without an explicit consent.

In conclusion, Netox’s CUBE platform represents a groundbreaking, transparent, and collaborative solution in the realm of cybersecurity management. It addresses the common challenges in cybersecurity auditing, catering to the needs of today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape.