Netox perceives cybersecurity to have a significant impact at the levels of businesses, individuals, and society as a whole. The company assists its clients in creating cybersecurity conditions where the fundamentals are in order and preparations for future challenges are underway.

Marita Harju, Senior Manager, Cybersecurity at Netox, begins by stating that every company knows to inquire about cybersecurity.

“Some businesses know exactly what they should be doing, while others merely have an understanding that the matter should be considered. Globally, the topic is important because secure businesses enhance the overall security of society.”

At Netox, it is believed that cybersecurity is now a critical enabler for business, and every company should begin by addressing the basics.

“We determine the current state of a company’s cybersecurity, where it wants to go, and how to get there, either with our help or independently,” says Vice President, Cybersecurity, Sakari Pihlhjerta.

Additionally, it is crucial to keep clients updated about the future and changing requirements, which businesses face both in terms of their operations and, for example, due to EU legislation.

A Diverse Expert Team

“A forward-looking approach that combines the present and the future also places demands on our experts. We have both senior-level cybersecurity professionals and young team members pursuing diverse learning paths,” Pihlhjerta describes.

He states that Netox invests in strategic recruitments and provides abundant development opportunities for all team members.

“Cybersecurity is creative work. We want to offer our employees an interesting sandbox in which to develop solutions according to their own vision.”

Increasing Knowledge and Smart Use of Tools

Netox’s principle is to use the tools available to the client for building cybersecurity, which without expert help, are not utilized in this context.

“Customers are pleasantly surprised to find cost savings and that the benefit returns many times over,” Harju notes.

In some matters, security can be enhanced simply by increasing knowledge. For instance, as the use of artificial intelligence increases, Netox keeps its clients informed about its possibilities and threats.

“Our task is to bring new information to our clients in a form that they can easily assimilate,” Harju concludes.

Netox Oy offers a unique combination of scalable IT and cybersecurity services that support and secure business continuity in both the private and public sectors.

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