At the end of 2019 the folks at Netox could smile contently. ‘In many aspects the year meant positive changes for us’, CEO Mikko Luhtaniemi sums up. The growth of the company continued as anticipated and the turnover climbed to 6,5 million euros. ‘Our growth is enabled by a competent and committed personnel.’ Investing in services and customer-oriented approach shows in the growing customer satisfaction, of which the 2019 Service Desk victory is a great recognition. ‘We’ve managed to develop an agile experimentative culture that enables us to make necessary changes quickly. A lot of new ideas have sprung to life at the coffee table, been sketched out on post-it notes and eventually seen to testing and production in co-operation with our customers’, Customer Experience Director Tuulia Nissinen recounts.

Service production competence from research and development projects

In the field of cyber security Netox not only provides services but operates as an active part in both national and international research co-operation. ‘Taking part in the projects of BusinessFinland and operating in the executive group of FISC (Finnish Information Security Cluster) provides us with excellent opportunities to further the social utilizing of cyber safety know-how’, Cyber Security Director Markku Korkiakoski narrates. In essence Netox is building the visibility and impact of the industry but also in part defining the evolution of the whole industry, both in Finland and internationally.

Value from co-operation

Effectiveness and creating value are some of Netox’ most essential keys to success. The relationships that make all this possible, partnerships with leading operators and co-operation with selected customers, deepened significantly last year. ‘Especially in the field of cyber security we are able to cost-effectively produce service solutions that in the industry are primarily considered possible for Fortune 500 level companies’, CTO Niko Candelin explains. The cloud service supply of the company strenghtens even more through a new Netox North Cloud investment which is carried out in co-operation with IBM, Cisco and Aurora DC Finland. ‘During spring we’ll bring into full production three machinery halls which will enable distributed service production from five locations’, Cloud Service Architect Tommi Laurila enlightens. ‘Through this operation we’ll achieve the most efficient cloud storing and information containment solution among the Nordic countries.

Fresh changes, familiar slogan

The new year at Netox started with a new office at Eteläesplanadi 8 in Helsinki. The Netox 2020 business strategy includes increased visibility and growth in the metropolitan area. When it comes to human resources the personnel has increased by ten new employees. In addtion to sales organisation the expert competence has recently been reinforced. ‘The immediate feeling I got was the sense of becoming a part of a family’, Netox’ newest Customer Success Manager Kai Pekkarila rejoices. ‘I was really touched by the atmosphere of empathy, support and caring. It’s easy to concentrate fully on sales when all the experts and decision makers of the company are near’.

Last year Netox launched the slogan ‘Creating Trust’. ‘It sums us, our services and our practices really well. We’ll be operating according to this slogan – meaning we’ll be worth our customer’s trust – also in the future’, CEO Mikko Luhtaniemi concludes assertively.