Netox’ growth continues with a 30% increase in business and 28 new experts, which means a 50 % growth in personnel. The know-how, agility and customer-oriented service stands out in the Netox way of operating – keeping cyber security in mind.

– The past year was challenging for Netox, as it probably was for everyone, but we used it for developing our business, CEO Mikko Luhtaniemi states.

– We’re going to concentrate even more on securing the businesses of our customers and producing customer-oriented cyber secure IT services. This is guaranteed by our committed and professional staff as well as the leading technology suppliers such as IBM, Microsoft, Cisco and Cohesity.

More responsive and detailed service management

The customer-oriented services and service management are specified and defined by diverse customerships and growing business also in future.

– In addition to new expert recruitments we have grown our efficiency by the new ServiceNow service management system which speeds up and straightens out the whole of service production, Luhtaniemi explains.

– Also services will be added and defined in a more and more detailed manner.

Netox’ Customer Experience Manager Tuulia Nissinen adds that the system has given reason for content in scalability and speed.

– We will be defining and executing customizable IT solutions for changing customer needs also in the future – maintaining security and compliance.

Security breaches increase the need for risk management

Recently there has been a lot of security breaches and hacks, of which the most talked about are the cases of Vastaamo and Solarwinds. The public discussion emphasizes especially the bad news but successes are rarely brought up. However, there are examples of this as well.

– Cyber security is an overall concern and more than anything it’s risk management, Netox’ Director of cyber security Markku Korkiakoski defines.

– When exceptional situations and quick changes prevail it’s understandable that not all risks have necessarily been taken into account. For example the COVID-19 pandemic brought along a global remote work culture and I argue that most companies and operators didn’t have a genuine preparedness for this change. A change of this magnitude in operating culture creates new risks also in the point of view of cyber security.

The Cyber Security Director reminds, that nowadays all companies and operators are in one way or another digital and thus prone to cyber attacks.

– When the entirety is scrutinized in the light of public cases, it’s imminent, that threats related to the cyber environment are not taken seriously enough. For many companies cyber security is a relatively new matter even though it should be an essential part of business environment and it’s continuity.

New solutions from research and development enterprises

Netox continues operating as a strong supporter of research and development projects both nationally and internationally by sharing its know-how in cyber security and IT services.

On-going are among others the KEKO ecosystem project focusing on the utilization of future housing and smart home real estate data, co-operation in the activities of the European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA), Paris Call For Trust and Security in Cyberspace as well as The National Science Foundation (NSF – USA) Security and Software Engineering Research Center (S2ERC) focusing on the cyber security co-operation between USA and Finland.