Netox Oy is committed to becoming a carbon-neutral company by 2035, with a goal to achieve a 100% reduction in Scope 1–2 emissions by 2030.

At Netox, we are dedicated to addressing environmental challenges and strive for responsible practices in the IT sector. Our vision is to provide innovative, eco-friendly, and sustainable IT services that support our clients and our business. We have implemented several measures to support this goal and strictly adhere to environmental legislation. We believe that responsibility and business success go hand in hand.

Responsibility is evident in all our activities. We focus on the efficient use of energy, natural resources, and raw materials, responsible lifecycle management of devices, and collaboration with partners promoting environmental responsibility. All our data centers operate on renewable energy sources, and we utilize leasing services for the procurement of IT devices, which extends their lifecycle and reduces the need for new devices. This strategy lessens our environmental impact and promotes sustainable development in our industry.

In 2023, Netox implemented concrete measures to promote environmental awareness. We calculated our carbon footprint for the entire business for 2022 (Scope 1-3), and we have now completed a climate roadmap, setting the goal to be carbon-neutral across our entire business by 2035. We are also ISO 14001 certified.

The climate roadmap includes concrete goals and measures for the coming years to reduce environmental impacts. These measures include considering environmental responsibility in procurement, using renewable energy sources, and supporting low-emission commuting.

We conduct carbon footprint calculations annually to monitor the achievement of the emission reduction targets set in our climate roadmap. This calculation helps us deeply understand where emissions originate and how to reduce them.