Netox Development Director Niko Candelin keeps Isojämsä up to date, for example with regard to cyber threats and preparedness for these. Candelin is a top-level cyber security expert whose know-how benefits all Netox clients.

A familiar situation: a salesman has come for a business visit, maybe offers some pastries, sits on the other side of the table and talks pleasantries. They might even show a quick presentation, praising the salesman’s services.

The latest addition to Netox, Sami Isojämsä, is not this man. Isojämsä’s job title, customer success manager, sounds a bit strange in Finnish, but there doesn’t really exist a good Finnish translation for it. “I’m responsible for the customer’s success,” Isojämsä describes. “In practice, it means that I’m the active link between the client and our technology and data management.”

Nowadays, IT operations are comprised of a complicated mixture of terminals, systems, network devices, storage services and cyber security. Netox offers all of this as managed services. That means that Netox not only reacts to the client’s requests, but predicts and prevents cyber security threats, for example. But all of this cannot be handled from Netox’ control room and help desk. That’s why Isojämsä’s role is important: he contacts clients actively, talks about the development of their operations, and gives advice if changes are needed.

When Isojämsä is not visiting clients, he is busy learning more from Netox’ technical experts, and becoming more acquainted with what’s happening with the development of information systems on a global scale.

Understanding the business-owner’s grief

Nowadays, nobody can manage everything that a company’s information systems require on their own. Before Netox, Sami Isojämsä worked as the service manager at CGI for nine years, and at Fujitsu for seven years. He also has entrepreneurship experience, so he knows what an entrepreneur’s most pressing issue is. It’s on their wrist, a watch with too many hands and not enough numbers. “Entrepreneurs always need more time. I try to make it happen for them, as best I can. Worrying about IT systems is the most pointless thing for an entrepreneur to do, because there is help available. I always sit on the same side of the table with the client,” Isojämsä promises. “And this was also the reason why I wanted to work for Netox. I knew that here, I’d be able to do exactly what I wanted. I make sure that the customer is successful.