Netox, a fast-growing provider of managed IT services, has launched a new business area from which CEO Mikko Luhtaniemi expects a lot. “We have identified this as a clear growth area because there is a huge demand for managed project services,” says Luhtaniemi. “When a customer introduces a new IT system or launches a product development project, it is always an investment whose profitability is determined by project management. And, for example, one of the most challenging entities in connection with enterprise acquisitions is the integration of two individual IT infrastructures. It requires solid project know-how.”

According to Luhtaniemi, Netox aims to provide training on project management for its entire staff during the nearest two or three years. “We do not want to turn everyone into project managers, but we want everyone to know how and why the boat is steered,” Luhtaniemi emphasizes. “As result of that, I believe some of our guys will become the tops in this industry.”

The first members of Netox’s staff to complete the project management degree following the requirements of international IPMA certificate were Joonas Siloaho and Sari Aura. Both consider graduation having been demanding yet rewarding. “I’ve been in Netox eight years in various customer service positions, of which I have gradually shifted into project activities. The training was very beneficial but certainly it wasn’t any piece of cake. One had to do serious work, although at the same time, the motivation increased,” Siloaho describes.

Aura, in turn, has been at Netox’s service desk for 12 years, during which customers’ needs and concerns have become very familiar to her. “Training helped to see what kind of project management model is most effective in any given situation,” says Aura. “Now I feel willing to keep track of developments in the industry more closely, and especially how the project business is developing. The projects ahead seem all the more interesting the more challenging they are,” summarizes Aura. “I recommend this training to all my colleagues.”

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Producer of managed IT services Netox achieved last year a turnover of EUR 3.78 million, with growth of nearly 40% compared to the previous year. This year, the company forecasts its turnover to rise to meet five million Euros.