Netox Oy’s service offering will expand in cybersecurity through a business acquisition and deepen in workstation services driven by Lenovo’s Platinum partnership.

Netox Oy grew by 83% compared to the previous year, a total of 33 new Netox employees started during the year, and investment in the development of service production was continued together with strategic partners: Sofigate and Learnpoint. Netox Oy’s Board of Directors was increased by one new member, and Jukka-Pekka Joensuu, an experienced board professional and business law expert, joined Netox’s growth story.

Netox’s Service offering has been expanded by acquiring the business of elfGROUP Kyberturvallisuuspalvelut Oy. The acquisition also resulted in six top-level offensive security professionals and many interesting new customer relationships.

– Cyber security is a key part of today’s IT environment and it is also an area in which we at Netox have invested heavily. Together with the know-how now being transferred, we are in an even better position to offer our customers the solutions they need to secure their own business, says Markku Korkiakoski, Chief Operating Officer of Netox Oy

The past year was busy. In addition to strong growth, investments have been made to develop businesses and services and to strengthen public sector business.

– We will focus even more on securing our customers’ business as well as providing customer-oriented IT services, says Mikko Luhtaniemi, President and CEO.

– We are investing especially in the customer relationships we have already acquired in both the private and public sectors, and we will also open new offices this year to support the growing market and customer base. One significant goal is to open an office outside Finland. Our growth is supported by our skilled, committed and professional staff as well as industry-leading technology vendors such as Microsoft, Lenovo, IBM, Cisco and Cohesity. Mikko Luhtaniemi continues.

Netox is a Lenovo Platinum Partner

There has also been strong growth in sales of equipment, services and licenses. A significant factor in the growth has been the high-quality cooperation with Lenovo.

– Lenovo’s position as the market leader both in Finland and globally has convinced us and, through our cooperation, made the market-leading IT equipment and services available to our customers, says Mikko Luhtaniemi.

Eero Tainio, Country Director of Lenovo Finland, comments on the cooperation between Lenovo and Netox

Our close partnership with Netox has brought them to the highest level of our partner at a rapid pace. Lenovo’s Platinum Partnership enables our companies to work more closely together and identify new business models. As an important part of the Platinum partnership, we also require the development of the skills of Netox’s personnel through our continuous training. Our common goal is to bring smarter technology to the market, delivered responsibly and of course satisfied customers!

Background on Lenovo:

Lenovo Group is a $ 60 billion Fortune Global 500 company serving customers in 180 markets around the world. Lenovo’s vision is to provide smarter technology for everyone. The company is developing world-changing technologies that will build a more inclusive, reliable and sustainable digital society. Lenovo is also leading the intelligent transformation by designing and building a comprehensive range of smart devices. It strives to create better experiences and opportunities for millions of customers around the world.

Cyber security is created through visibility

Netox has expanded its SOC (Security Operations Center) control room with Traficom’s HAVARO service.

– With the HAVARO service, we are able to offer 24/7 monitoring of security events to an even wider customer base.

– The service is a technical detection system that works with sensors that monitor the customer’s telecommunications. It can be used to detect and alert to serious security threats in good time. The advantage of the agreement is, among other things, better scalability of the service to a wide range of target customers, Markku Korkiakoski describes. Because cybersecurity is holistic and, above all, risk management, the collaboration will further strengthen Netox’s SOC operations.

– It brings with it essential functionality, especially for situational awareness. The Cyber Security Centre’s HAVARO service provides information that cannot be produced with other tools.

Netox understands that in exceptional circumstances and rapid change, not all risk factors may be taken into account.

– The COVID-19 pandemic, for example, brought with it a global culture of teleworking and I argue that the majority of companies and actors were not genuinely prepared for this change. Such a major change in the operating culture also creates new risks for cyber security.

Korkiakoski reminds that today all companies and actors are in some way digital and thus also vulnerable to cyber attacks.