Perttu Salmenjoki is a cybersecurity expert based in Helsinki, and works at Netox as Cyber Security Development Lead. He and his team are always ready to step in when there’s a need for quality assurance of cybersecurity services and new technical solutions.

Perttu Salmenjoki.

Before joining Netox, Perttu worked in a number of larger companies, both in the IT sector and in internal IT departments in other industries. He says that the jump to Netox, a dynamic growth company, felt natural because of the colleagues he knew from the past and the company’s reputation for innovation and flexibility. Perttu saw joining Netox as an opportunity to have more control over his work, and through this to make a bigger difference on both customers and colleagues.

“I’m very ambitious about the standard of work I can do, and when I joined Netox I was confident that with these people I’d get a lot done. I’ve been able to make changes and make things happen according to my own vision. It’s great to see your own handprint on the end result,” he says.

When asked what he likes best about his job, Perttu doesn’t have to think long.

“I particularly enjoy meeting customers and solving sales challenges. Winning cases and other successes are of course important too, because they show that I have been able to make a difference, improve our services and genuinely help people.”

But this work is not done alone. “At Netox, there are many like-minded people who have a drive for solving problems and developing our services. I learn from them all the time.”

Excellent professional development opportunities

Perttu is not in the IT field by accident: he’s been into technology since he was a boy, and after secondary school he went to a university of applied sciences to study telecommunications. Over the course of his career, he has developed expertise by gaining several Microsoft certifications, and the plan now is to go further down this road by obtaining Information Security Manager certification. Perttu is adamant that self-development in cybersecurity is essential to be on top in the industry.

“It’s a good idea to allocate some time and effort to following networks, podcasts and industry news to keep up with developments.”

Our organisation is growth-oriented and values the potential of its employees.

Netox understands the importance of development, and this shows in how staff are encouraged to participate in further training and various events. Perttu’s work has allowed him to expand his skills and do a lot of things he hasn’t had solutions for at the ready. Through reading, studying, research and the support of colleagues, however, obstacles have always been overcome.

“A more or less essential feature of service development is that you don’t always know off the top of your head how to do something. You learn what you need, when you need it,” he says.

A flexible working culture

Netox’s working culture is flexible, relaxed and supportive, Perttu says. “Remote and hybrid working are popular, but it’s also nice to meet colleagues in joint meetings, workshops or for lunch.” Although Perttu works mostly remotely from his Helsinki office, the company’s roots in Oulu always make themselves felt.

“Oulu people have their own special vibe. They’re fun people who are genuinely interested in figuring things out. Netox is an excellent place for someone who wants to work with other like-minded people without having to deal with needless red tape and hierarchy.”

Cybersecurity is vital to business

Perttu stresses the importance of cybersecurity in every aspect of business. The impact of a cyberattack on business and even on society at large can be truly far-reaching and crippling.

“Our services can sometimes be difficult to justify for organisations that have never been the victim of a cyberattack. With no experience of these, the effects can be hard to appreciate.”

He encourages companies to invest in modern technology and artificial intelligence to fight cyberthreats more effectively. AI will bring a whole new set of threats, and the number of cyberattacks will certainly increase over time. At the same time, though, new technologies offer exciting opportunities that Perttu and his team are not afraid to seize.