Born and bred in Oulu, Sari Aura is a project manager who also spends time in the capital region now and again. Sari is open to all kinds of adventure, and her motto is to live every day to the fullest, enjoying life, friendship and different experiences.

Sari Aura.

She’s no stranger at the Netox office, but you could also find her out walking the dog, picking mushrooms, working up a sweat at the gym, cross-country skiing, conquering a climbing wall, using her wits in an escape room or enjoying the theatre. Travelling and hobbies help to maintain a good balance between work and other areas of life.

A lot of time has passed in Oulu since Sari first set foot in Netox. She first came to the company as a trainee in 2006, and after graduation took up a permanent position the following year.

“At that time, we were two technicians and a handful of other workers. So we started small.”

“I’ve seen Netox develop and grow from the very early days. We’ve kept up the same easygoing and collaborative working culture, which is a pleasure to see.”

A DIY mindset

Sari’s interest in all things IT emerged in upper secondary school, where there was a focus on this area. A MikroMikko computer also had a role to play in her future. When it was affected by a virus, Sari set out to solve the problem – and never looked back. Although she also has a bachelor’s degree in marketing, IT and Netox became permanent fixtures in her life after graduating with a basic degree in information and communication technology in 2006.

My attitude to almost everything is, why couldn’t I solve this one my own too?

Sari’s work at Netox consists mainly of project management.

“I started as a technical specialist and worked in that role until 2010. A solid background in the technical side of things really helps in my current position.”

Sari has also completed various project management certifications throughout her career, among them IPMA C and PRINCE. She has more in her sights for 2024, including graduating as a Scrum Master.

“Obtaining certificates helps give structure to your work, and they’re also a good demonstration of personal development. And when it comes to the day-to-day work, every project is different – you always have to start with a clean slate and see how you get on.”

Like one big family

Although Netox has grown very much since its early days, the company still feels like a close-knit community. This is still reflected in the company culture, Sari says, and adds an important element of flexibility.

“We’re customer-focused and try to avoid unnecessary red tape. We’ve come a long way and learned a lot, through trial and error,” Sari says.

In her opinion, the absolute best part of the job is dealing with customers.

“I love meeting new people, and the growth that comes from that as the project progresses is wonderful to watch. Many customers have become friends, and it’s a great feeling when a project turns out well. I’ve been blessed in that I’ve always found wonderful people to work with in their various capacities. Finland is a small country, and it’s important to be able to collaborate with everyone.”

In Sari’s view, what sets Netox apart is that the company is always at the forefront. For instance, Netox started to become cyber-centric at a time when others were just thinking about it.

You can be yourself at Netox.

“At Netox, we genuinely want to be the best. It’s a great place to be, and you really have control over your work. Nobody puts a dampener on your enthusiasm and creativity, and this is an excellent place for career development. You can set your own pace here, it’s up to you. You can be yourself at Netox.”

“Of course, rapid growth can always lead to obstacles along the way, and processes may need to be rethought at some point. In any case, we have an amazing ability to grow, and processes have evolved to meet changing needs. We’re a very adaptable company.”