Service manager Jaana Näsi makes sure that the agreed-upon terms in service contracts are met diligently. She is responsible for communication between the company and the client, she takes care of the schedules and client satisfaction with the service. Though it’s not an easy job, Jaana says she relishes the challenge.

Jaana Näsi.

The sense of achievement comes from making progress with things and making the customers happy.

“I also get a rush from being busy and under a bit of pressure. I prefer a job where you only realise in the afternoon that you haven’t eaten all day. Busy, but wonderful,” Jaana laughs.

Jaana studied business administration after upper secondary school and then went straight into the IT sector. Self-development is important to her, and alongside her work she has completed a higher university degree, as well as studies in the computer science master’s program at the university, aiming for a master’s degree in philosophy. Jaana joined Netox when PRT-Forest Oy outsourced IT services to Netox. Before working at PRT-Forest, Jaana worked at Suomen IT-Infra Oy as a system expert for eight years.

As a counterbalance to her hectic work, she enjoys boxing and travelling. Travelling abroad is a particularly good way to detach from work altogether. But because her work is so absorbing, Jaana can’t always resist checking in on her phone when on holiday in Finland.

A company built on trust

Jaana lives in Akaa, not far from Tampere, and almost always works remotely. When she does go to the office it’s mostly in Oulu, although she has also been to Netox’s new office in Helsinki. Jaana says the best thing about working at the office is definitely meeting colleagues, but it’s more efficient and easier to concentrate at home.

Trust in its employees is one of Netox’s major strengths, Jaana says. At first it felt a bit strange to her that work could be done independently and remotely, without any supervision.

“When I joined Netox, I was handed a computer and told to just start handing out work I’d previously done myself to a team of specialists. They had great confidence in me from the start, and I was given a lot of opportunities.”

The feeling at Netox is that employees are really listened to.

Netox employees are given the reins in a lot of things, Jaana says, but also a lot of support and appreciation. Above all, she feels that employees are genuinely listened to.

“A good example of this is when I was asked on my first day what equipment I needed. My first thought was, so can I have whatever I want? That was pleasantly surprising!”

Jaana admits that sometimes in her daily work there are moments when nothing is going right. This is when it really helps to work with colleagues on solving problems, allowing everyone to develop themselves in the process. And this is precisely the mindset that leads to breakthroughs.

“It’s a great feeling when things start to work out.”

Your career, your decisions

When asked if she could recommend Netox to aspiring job applicants, Jaana’s answer is short and simple: yes!

“At Netox, you’ll have great colleagues, competitive benefits and a working culture where you’ll be valued. Another huge plus is being able to shape your career path exactly as you want it to be.”

“And you’ll definitely be challenged in your work.”

Remote working opportunities are another factor that sets Netox apart, she says.

“It doesn’t matter where you work, and you don’t have to be from Helsinki or Oulu. An exception is end-user services, of course – in that case you need to be able to work at the customer’s or employer’s premises.”

Jaana’s sights are set high, and her direction is clear.

“Sometimes I’ve joked about aiming for a managerial position and even a place on the management team one day. But I’m actually pretty serious about those goals.”