Netox and Touhula have been in co-operation for a while already but more lately the relationship has deepened. Netox has provided Touhula with IT services, data centre and server solutions, IT security solutions as well as most of the hardware shipments.

– The service has been excellent. Flexible, agile and open, the Chief Information Officer of Touhula Mike Larsén lists.

– It’s absolutely essential for us to be able to reach the person in charge of the task at hand or at least his or her temporary replacement.

In addition to reachability Larsen praises Netox’ competence in problem solving.

With most of the situations Netox’s problem solving speed has been less thant two hours or even less than an hour. All situations have been solved in the course of 24 hours.

Regarding to Netox’ Service Production Director Aarne Haaranen, reachability and problem solving abilities belong to the kind of advantages enabled by the optimal size of the service provider.
– We are very agile and flexible in making necessary changes. It’s possible through consistent processes but especially because we invest in co-operation between people and organizations as well as in a kind of ‘we can do it’ menthality.

Agility and cost-efficiency

One of the important aspects to Touhula in service acquisitions is cost-efficiency.

– It doesn’t necesseraly mean the lowest possible price but on the other hand the efficiency can often be determined by TCO numbers anyway, Larsén ponders.

– A good partner has to come up with development proposals. They don´t of course always immediately stand out in the calculations but for example in information security they can help significantly. It’s of course best when they can be measured numerically.

High quality services are in a sense only half the truth. The best possible added value for a customer is enabled via personal and fluent co-operation.

– A good customer relations chief gets along and is able to communicate with different kinds of people, Haaranen mentions.

– Open communication and constant dialogue are important factors. This way both parties know what the other one is doing, and what is taking place in the IT environment. The trust between people ends up resonating in the relationship between companies.

It takes two to tango

One of Netox’ characteristics most appreciated by Larsén is transparency.

– Netox reports flexibly and regularly about costs and development needs. They inform us openly if there’s a problem with something.

In the same time the Chief Information Officer considers it a good thing that development proposals go both ways.

– It takes two to tango. In addition to openness we’ve been able to achieve a certain sparring culture. When discussion is possible one can suggest a different kind of approach if needed.

Larsén is especially content with Netox’s readiness in listening to their customers.

– For example with us they understand what it means for a daycare service to have well-functioning IT solutions. In our case this shows in user satisfaction which at the moment is 4,8/5. Successes include especially well-functioning and monitored platform solutions, back-ups, user-friendliness of the information security services as well as reliability and open reporting.

At Netox this is appreciated.

– Through our customer’s development proposals we’ve been able to provide better solutions, Haaranen establishes.

– I can confidently say this has resulted in better quality in our services. This way the costs are more easily accounted for as well.