We often come across the idea that an IT project is a pile of microcircuits, optical fibre and bits in the right order. If this were the case, robots could easily do our projects. An IT project is always also a change project, where users and project implementers are challenged with new ideas and technologies.

We get excited about challenges. Above all, we get excited about solutions to challenges. Especially about solutions that have room for growth and stand the test of time. This is also the case with Mapvision.

Mapvision implements quality control solutions for the international automotive industry – solutions that matter. It is not only a question of safety but also functionality and cost-effectiveness. Accuracy to the nearest millimetre might be enough in the javelin throw, but here we are talking about a thousandth of a millimetre.

 “Our project began from a need to do things differently compared to before and get risks under control,” says Mapvision COO Bo “Bosse” Lönnqvist. Bosse knows what he is talking about because the ever-tightening requirements of the automotive industry are particularly precise. 

A new era requires new means. Lönnqvist describes how Mapvision needed broader shoulders and the right partner on the IT side.

Mapvision is applying for TISAX® (Trusted Information Security Assessment eXchange) certification, which is an important piece of the puzzle when working with innovations and new components in the automotive industry.

“Up until now, we have managed our IT matters in-house with our own resources and starting from the hardware. This was no longer enough for us, and outsourcing seemed like the only option,” recalls Bosse.

Mapvision - Demo Line 01
Mapvision – demo line

Netox started immediately at the deep end because the transition from the old to the new had to be quick and contained a lot of moving parts.

The problem started to become clear. Mapvision wanted to outsource its entire IT infrastructure.  A solution was still needed. Until now, Mapvision had managed all its IT operations in-house. Now, a new vision, experience and, above all, reliability were wanted and needed because data security was also a big part of the puzzle. Technology without data security would have been like a fancy car without a driver.

“We were in a situation where, on the one hand, our resources were running out and, on the other, our customers demanded more – especially in terms of the processing of data security and product development information,” says Pia-Maritta Puruskainen, Business Excellence Manager at Mapvision.

The cooperation started with end-user support, expanded to IT infrastructure outsourcing and has continued with the development of data security. Netox has been able to offer us a wide range of IT services that we need.

“This sort of one-stop service reduces our need to be present in every meeting. Things progress more smoothly when there is no schedule juggling between several suppliers and ‘avoidance of responsibility’,” says Pia-Maritta.

Our cooperation makes it possible for Netox to know our IT environment and take responsibility for it. Netox is able to propose changes and solutions that we would not think to ask ourselves.

Pia-Maritta sums it up: our goal is a comprehensive, confidential and open partnership where the interface between our companies is as transparent as possible and cooperation is efficient.

Netox brought with it not only know-how but also a responsible vision. Mapvision already had certain pieces that would have been foolish to waste.

“It was possible to utilise existing licenses, and it was not necessary to buy everything new off the shelf. We saved what we could and replaced the necessary parts efficiently,” says Mikko Ollanketo, System Specialist of Netox.

“Open dialogue with our partner has been particularly important to us at Mapvision. We can discuss our problems and needs openly, and look for solutions together – it takes two to tango,” says Bosse.

“Important to the smooth running of the project have been Netox’s flexibility and the opportunity to meet a guy like Mikko, who has gotten to know our way of working and is able to answer our questions before we even have time to ask them. And the solution is often simple.”

Mapvision - multicam inspection
Mapvision – multicam inspection

A major reform project is a two-way street. Creating a new environment is always challenging, and problems cannot be avoided. However, the prerequisite for the success of the project has been mutual flexibility and the opportunity to learn something new.

“We have been able to challenge ourselves as much as the customer. Each project is a chance to learn and also creates new opportunities in our product development, from which our new and existing customers will benefit in the future,” says Kristian Dahlgren, Service Manager at Netox. We also grow mentally and constantly examine our own processes.

“A project can be called a project, but nothing is ever ready in the reality of the ever-changing IT environment. The work continues, and mutual dialogue enables the best possible results,” says Dahlgren.

It is great to continue from here.

If an IT project is a change project, it is often also a growth project as they are practically the same thing from the company’s point of view. Growth requires a solid platform to build on and a constant desire to learn new things and master the old. When growth continues, the framework must also grow.

Well-managed change creates room for growth and helps in scaling. At some point in the growth of every company, IT issues need to be re-examined and refined. Better data security, backups and software management may also come into play.

All this is familiar to us. The growth of our customers is as important to us as our own, because we only grow if our customers grow.