As a company expands, so do the threats.

Pet Network International, the Balkan region’s largest pet industry company and market leader in five countries, commissioned Netox to assess its cybersecurity level. The identified issues led Pet Network and Netox to agree on the immediate implementation of a security operations center (SOC) service.

“We have 2000 employees and numerous online stores in different countries. Cybersecurity issues have not caused any business interruptions or other outwardly visible problems for us, but after Netox’s assessment, one could say that we have also had some luck on our side,” says Finnish CEO of Pet Network, Timo Tervo. “Now there are a few less stones to carry in our backpack.”

A SOC service means that a client’s data traffic, security levels, and firewalls are monitored 24/7. It is primarily a proactive activity aimed at preventing potential threats and disruptions. However, sometimes the SOC team may be compelled to take action, for instance, to fend off an attack directed towards the systems of the client.

“It was a shock to witness the incessant bombardment of the company’s firewalls and networks,” says Tervo. “Attempts at intrusion are made all the time.”

The operating environment of an internationally active company is always challenging in terms of cybersecurity. According to Netox Service Manager Anssi Åkman, the challenges make the job more interesting. “Netox is proud to have the opportunity to modernize Pet Network International’s information security services. We protect the infrastructure of stores and offices as well as end-user data. With the technologies available, we can centrally ensure that the client can operate safely under several different brands, in several different countries, and with several IT partners,” Åkman says.

Anssi Åkman, Service Director, Netox

“Netox’s recent investments in cybersecurity, especially in the area of SOC services, perfectly support the needs of Pet Network as an international and rapidly growing company that wants to ensure the continuity of its own business in terms of information security,” says Sakari Pihlhjerta, Vice President of Cybersecurity at Netox. “Pet Network’s operation over a wide geographical area, combined with cloud and on-site environments, raises the level of requirements for security monitoring.”

Sakari Pihlhjerta,Vice President, cybersecurity, Netox

The headquarters of Pet Network is located in Croatia, with operations also extending to the regions of Slovenia, Serbia, Romania, and Bulgaria. “We have over 200 stores and open new ones at a rate of up to 50 per year,” Timo Tervo reveals. “Growth companies are of interest to cybercriminals regardless of geography, although these countries have had a worse-than-average reputation in this regard. But cybersecurity must be taken care of anywhere, as cybercriminals do not care about state borders or time zones.”

The company stands out from its competitors with a more comprehensive selection in its stores and pharmacies that can be found in almost every Pet Network store. “We have hundreds of veterinarians on our staff. Our business is growing very strongly, which is why taking care of cybersecurity is of paramount importance to us. I recommend all business leaders to consult an expert and ensure that security levels are in order. This goes without saying, like wearing a seat belt when driving,” concludes Timo Tervo.