With the new agreement, Netox reinforces its position as an IT service provider in Finland and deepens its collaboration with Oulun Energia.

Oulun Energia separated from the end-user service provided by the city of Oulu in 2021, during which the end-user support was outsourced to an external service provider. After this transitional phase, the basis for procurement changed, prompting Oulun Energia to initiate a competition for end-user services. Adhering to the EU threshold for service procurement and the open procedure under the special sectors procurement law 1398/2016, Netox was able to offer a competitive and high-quality service that met stringent requirements. The selection emphasized both price and quality, each forming 50% of the selection criteria.

Netox’s strength in the competition was accentuated by a detailed quality assessment where customer satisfaction, service initiation project plan, and expertise requirements influenced the selection.

Control room of the power plant, photo: Oulun Energia image bank

“We have consistently developed our IT services with Netox, and this has positively reflected in the employee experience. Under the new agreement, we can introduce new technologies, further facilitating our employees’ daily tasks,” says Oulun Energia’s ICT Service Manager, Mika Sarén.

For Netox, the extension contract with Oulun Energia is seen as an acknowledgment of the company’s efforts. Service Director Anssi Åkman sees it also as an incentive for continuous development.

“The extension contract with Oulun Energia is a sign of recognition and challenges us to refine our operations. Although we take pride in our roots in Oulu, we aim to leverage global IT solutions, focusing on usability and security,” says Åkman.

Anssi Åkman, Service Director, Netox

“Netox is recognized as a critical company by the Security of Supply Organization, offering 24/7 support to Oulu Energy’s essential IT services in the new agreement,” notes Netox’s Service Director Anssi Åkman. “In this case, our service is primarily delivered by the workforce in Oulu, and it’s great that we can ensure the provision of essential services for everyone, such as heat production.”

Oulun Energia is a company owned by the city of Oulu, which produces sustainable energy and circular economy solutions in Northern Finland. It generates electricity, offers grid services and district heating, and develops smart, environmentally friendly solutions.