There’s a lot of work in IT support that is not part of our core business, says Teemu Vattovaara, who is The Lead Architect and one of the founders at Haltian.

We wanted to focus on that core business, which was the main reason to explore the possibility of outsourcing our IT support.

The decision to choose Netox came quickly.

We held a few interview rounds, Vattovaara continues.

Netox had the best references and the best overall impression. In addition to their expertice, the size of the company was optimal too. Netox to have multiple certifications is also important, as we can trust that they are operating within established standards.

Fit for work devices

The cooperation started effortlessly according to Susanna Kortenniemi, Executive Assistant at Haltian.

Of course, at first there was a long list of issues to deal with and the project was lengthy. But we had several meetings to go through the current status of things, divide subjects and created a project plan. The project itself included changes to the IT infrastructure but also things like renewing devices like laptops.

Netox’ key account manager Heidi Tuikka, who manages the devices and license sales, also remembers the start of the project being fluent.

First we laid out the device requirements and then secured the best prices for them. Working together with Susanna has been pleasant. We understand each other and we’ve also received useful feedback from her, especially regarding device installations.

Ordering is being managed through an electronic form.

The form makes it easier for us to do our job. All the information needed for the actual order is in the form. The installation process for the devices has been automated also. When the exceptions for the devices are handled in the ordering phase, the automation level for the whole process can be kept as high as possible – despite any changes that are needed.

Covid-19 has caused only minor difficulties in otherwise smooth order and delivery process.

The supply chain has only suffered minor setbacks with component availability issues. But we have been able to solve those difficulties by using available device models and upgrading them to suit customer’s needs, Tuikka describes.

Distributors delivery times are 1 – 2 working days depending on the device. For Haltian, we maintain a buffer storage of standard devices. This enables us to do even faster express deliveries if there are urgent needs – and there has. Trust is vitally important in the relationship between the customer and the provider. If we promise to make something ready for tomorrow, we keep that promise.

Two options for device deliveries.

Typically, our specialists prepare and install the devices first so that they are ready for use when customers receive the devices and their accessories, explains Tuikka. But sometimes it makes more sense to deliver the devices straight to the customer. This is the case when device is large or when they do not need a pre-installation offsite, Tuikka continues.

Smooth working days

Netox system specialist Antti Kinnunen tells how things got started with operating services.

My First responsibility was to set up the new Windows servers. work started by going through the old system together to figure out the ideal starting point for the new services. Based on this work, we decided to make new AD services as the priority.

Specialists job description is diverse.

My tasks include Office 365 licenses and service management and I am responsible for the new backup solution. We set the new backup service to solve problems in the old environment. We have done other significant upgrades to information security too. These include new firewalls and VPN services and implementation of ATP cybersecurity solutions and Multi-Factor Authentication, Kinnunen mentions.

Kinnunen has enjoyed the project.

The project has been interesting. I’ve had enough challenges to keep things interesting. Problem solving is part of my work. We have been able to overcome all challenges and solve all problems, Kinnunen continues proudly.

Value from cooperation

Haltian has been pleased with the solutions and services Netox has offered.

We have reached our goals, states Vattovaara.

People who were doing the support in the start are now working as contact persons towards Netox support. Work caused by IT related matters probably never goes away fully in a company as ours. But now employees know how to contact Netox support and that has decreased the amount of IT related work for our own employees. E.g managing licenses centralized has made things much easier.

Netox surprised positively.

Most of the support services are done remotely but if we have had the need for them to come on site, they have been there surprisingly quickly, delighted Korteniemi says.

The service we have received has been friendly and flexible. Not at all bureaucratic but all-around easygoing. We have also appreciated how Netox has responded immediately to essential topics.

Vattovaara also praises the technical expertise.

They achieve what we expect. Things are working well and if there is a problem, solution is found quickly. This is the case also with newer technology or license related matter.

Netox services have alleviated Kortenniemi’s workload.

The whole order backlog goes through me so the expertise of the contact person and working tools are vital for me. Even though there is a one new addition (order form) to the process, ordering devices and accessories is easy.

Together in the future

Netox visits its customers regularly to make sure cooperation is fluent and that the objectives are fulfilled on schedule.

First cooperation meeting is held during the first six months of the service, says Heidi Tuikka.

We discuss the daily operations and share ideas and observations on how to further improve our service so that it best fits customer’s needs and brings value, continues Tuikka.

In regards of the future, we expect Netox to keep us in the know, Vattovaara reflects.

We do not have to intensely follow technology but we can easily trust Netox to do that. We can rely on them to let us know when something should be changed or if a new license should be purchased. Netox has ran the operations extremely well and we certainly haven’t had to push things forward at all, expands Vattovaaara.

Cybersecurity in a major role going forward

Following cybersecurity principles is a high priority for us at Netox and with Haltian we have succeeded very well, says Tuikka.

And they agree at Haltian.

Management of our IT infrastructure is now done as securely as it is possible at the moment, says Vattovaara.

One of the most important factors in IT field is that the solutions are secure to use. That is definitely something we can trust Netox to do. We have already gone through a lot about cybersecurity. This is something we continue to do together as what it comes to cybersecurity; you can never be done.