If a family business started from the Haapavesi region has been successful in the contract preparation sector over thirty years, continues to grow and exploit markets in Central Europe, it has certainly made a lot of correct choices along the way.

Darekon Oy specializing in the manufacture of medical devices and industrial electronics made last year more than EUR 42 million in revenue and continues to grow profitably.

One of the right choices seems to have been the IT partner Netox, with whom Darekon has been co-operating for many years. Last spring, the scope of the agreement was extended when Darekon transferred all of its IT services to the area of Netox’s managed services.

Darekon’s Quality Manager Jari Aspegren says that previous experience of Netox’s supply security has been convincing. ”Netox’s growth and evidence of the kind of business they have in their clientele unequivocally tells us that this company can be trusted”, emphasizes Aspegren. “Certified cyber security and technical knowledge mean that we can focus entirely on our own business and leave all IT issues to be solved by Netox.”

In Finland, Darekon has production facilities in three locations, and the management is concentrated in Espoo. ”In the future, the IT systems of the Polish plant will be incorporated into Netox’s service package”, says Jari Aspegren.  “For us, it is efficient and also safe when the systems are consistent across all locations. Netox’s flexible way to act gives us room for manoeuvres and simplifies our growth.”

Netox’s System Manager Tommi Laurila is well aware of the needs of Darekon, and is also able to anticipate the company’s future. “Our fresh investments in the Ulvila data centre are also visible at Darekon. The capacity will not stop immediately”, promises Laurila.