Our expertice

Whether you need an IT partner, Microsoft and cloud expertise or rock-solid cybersecurity, Netox has it all. Our understanding of Microsoft’s products and services is first-rate, but we also know that a digital environment is not built from just one component. Netox can expertly combine different solutions to create high-quality services customised to your organisation.

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Masters of Microsoft

We know the Microsoft ecosystem inside out, and we’ll make sure that your organisation has the right licences and solutions in place. We take care of deployment, rollout and training so that you’re sure to get the most out of your investment.

We are recognized by Microsoft for our advanced security capabilities and experties.

This Security Partner designation is a testament to Netox´s commitment to providing top-tier cybersecurity services through our strategic alliance with Microsoft.

Microsoft Azure offers a wide range of AI, security, hybrid, and cloud-native services to enhance our customers’ cloud migration and modernization efforts. 

As a Modern Work Solutions Partner, we showcase our expertise in enhancing productivity and facilitating the transition to hybrid work through Microsoft 365.

Azure Infrastructure: We demonstrate our broad capability to help customers accelerate migration of key infrastructure workloads to Microsoft Azure.

Data & AI (Azure): We have a broad capability to help customers manage their data across multiple systems to build analytics and AI solutions. 

Security: We have a broad capability to help customers safeguard their entire organization with integrated security, compliance, and identity solutions. 

Digital & App Innovation (Azure): We show our ability to assist customers in developing, running, and managing applications across various cloud environments. 

Our other partners

We are cloud realists, and we know that the world needs other solution providers alongside Microsoft. We are skilled and flexible in delivering services with these partners, among others.

As a VMware partner we are a trusted advisor to guide our customers’ journeys to multi-cloud, enabling digital innovation with enterprise control.

As an AWS Premier Consulting Partner, Managed Service Provider and Authorised Training Partner, we help organisations define and realise their public cloud ambitions.

Microsoft Azure offers a wide range of AI, security, hybrid, and cloud-native services to enhance our customers’ cloud migration and modernization efforts. 

As a Google Cloud Partner we have a proven track record helping our customers migrate, modernise and scale using Google Cloud platform.

As a Cisco Partner, we offer comprehensive network configuration, monitoring, and management services worldwide.

Turn your network into your most powerful security solution. Deliver secure, distinctive experiences from a Zero Trust, AI-driven foundation.

We are a Platinum-level Lenovo Partner and authorized distributor for Business.

Our quality certificates

Our services have been granted the main international certifications, which require commitment and constant improvement to obtain and maintain. We train our experts according to the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) 4 framework and standards. This is how we ensure that Netox’s services are the very best they can be.

Partnership with Netox

We watch your company’s back and keep you secure every day of the year, around the clock. We’ll also help you identify your development needs and provide you with a powerful service management model, training, consultancy and workshops.

Ask our experts

Are you concerned about data security? Any questions? A Netox expert will be happy to help.

Ville Kankare.

Ville Kankare

Vice President, Cybersecurity & Microsoft Productivity

Esa Viljava.

Esa Viljava

Vice President, Growth

Mikko Pöyry.

Mikko Pöyry

Vice President, IT Services

Anssi Åkman.

Anssi Åkman

Director, Service Management