Platinum partnership means that the expertise, know-how and problem-solving abilities of Netox represent the cutting edge on the national cyber security market. Through the partnership Netox’ competence in providing Sophos products, as well as the interconnected know-how and expertise in favor of its customers’ benefit, has yet again grown considerably.

– Our goal is to be the trusted IT partner to our customers, and that our comprehensive service portfolio covers the needs of the different sectors of their operational environments – cyber security included, Netox’ Director of cyber security Markku Korkiakoski states.

– The operational environments of our customers differ and the scalability in our services is especially important, without sparing on requirements or quality.

Towards a more cyber secure tomorrow

Netox has been one of the most important partners of Sophos in Finland for years, and Netox has implemented Sophos’ cyber security products to its customers widely both in Finland and abroad. The significance of Netox as a trustworthy Sophos partner was also expressed in 2019 with a Top Nordics MSP Partner of the Year award.

Reaching the Platinum level means that Netox has a significant amount of certified commercial and technical Sophos experts.

Also at Sophos the partnership is considered to express hard working co-operation and mutual trust that have been built together on behalf of a more cybersecure tomorrow.

– I believe that the Platinum partnership program means an even deeper co-operation between Sophos and Netox, Sophos systems engineer Janne Timisjärvi says.

– Platinum partnership program enables a wider availability of Sophos’ resources for Netox. On the other hand, we know that Netox is extremely committed to our next generation of test winner products and services. Sophos’ mission is to safeguard its customers against cyber crime with the world’s most advanced tools.

Cyber security and co-operation as the enablers of trust

Trust is built on know-how and understanding, and in cyber security the co-operation between strategic partners and customers has an emphasized significance.

– The capabilities of Sophos were concretized to me no later than with the WannaCry blackmail malware as we were studying different manufacturers’ means of protection against similar threats, Netox’ Chairman of the board Niko Candelin states.

– Sophos has been an important part of our service production for many years now. It’s nice to reach the highest level of partnership!

Sophos is the global market leader in next generation cyber security solutions. Over 400 000 organisations in over 150 countries protect themselves with Sophos products against today’s advanced threats. Sophos Central, a cloud based control platform and interface, integrates the whole product line of Sophos into one “synchronized cybersecurity system”.

Sophos products are available through a wide partner network, for example through Netox.

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