Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council is a statutory joint municipal authority concisting of 26 municipalities. Its primary missions are provincial zoning and regional development tasks. The Council’s region has aproximately 1,7 million inhabitants. Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council pursues the interests of the region’s municipalities and inhabitants and works in close cooperation with institutions, businesses, government, organizations and numerous other operators. The region’s internationality and attraction as well as the well-being of its inhabitants are the baselines of the Council’s planning and development work.

Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council put out its integrated ICT services for tender for aprox. 85 users for the years of 2021-2023 (2025)

The integrated services include:

In addition to the Helsinki office, the services are provided to the Council’s Brussels office as well.

– It’s magnificent to acquire such an important operator as Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council as our customer, Netox Customer Experience Director Tuulia Nissinen states.

– The Council’s strategic vision ”World-class regional developer not set in its ways” is a bold and distinctive message, the implementation of which we definitely want to be a part of!


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