Henry Nieminen, a veteran in the technology field, holding a Diploma in Engineering and an MBA, and aged 58, has been chosen the Chairman of the Board of the IT and cybersecurity service company Netox.

Most recently, Nieminen served as the CEO of Insta Group and, before that, held the position of CEO at Fujitsu Finland among other roles.

“Netox is in an interesting phase of growth as a company. The company’s ability to agilely respond to changes in the markets, technology, and customer service needs is at an excellent level,” Nieminen says.

“Scaling our services, maintaining and continuously improving quality, and identifying changes in customer needs are key as we expand our customer base both domestically and internationally,” Nieminen states.

Netox, a growth company founded in Oulu in 2004, saw its majority ownership transferred to the private equity firm CapMan’s Buyout XI fund in July 2022.

“Henry has extensive industry knowledge and business management experience. He is capable of coaching the company’s management on the growth path as Netox moves towards the next size category,” says Antti Karppinen, a buyout partner at CapMan and a member of Netox’s board.

Nieminen’s appointment as the Chairman of Netox’s board also signifies the beginning of the next phase in the company’s growth story.

“Henry is an excellent reinforcement for our board work. His experience and insights will help us advance on our growth path. The willingness of our skilled staff to innovate and the significant recruitments we made last year lay a solid foundation for our next growth phase,” says Mikko Luhtaniemi, founder and CEO of Netox.

“Implementing the growth strategy requires the founders to adopt a new role in the operational management of the company. The change is not always simple or easy. I understand the questions that founding entrepreneurs go through, and I can use my experience to assist the company’s management in this change,” Nieminen states.

Additional information:

Mikko Luhtaniemi
CEO,  Netox
+358 40 509 6530

Antti Karppinen
Buyout Partner, CapMan Oyj
+358 50 534 0614

Henry Nieminen
Chairman of the Board,  Netox
+358 40 827 9622