Netox Oy and Traficom have signed an agreement on Havaro 2. The service is a technical detection system that works with sensors that monitor the customer’s telecommunications. It can be used to detect and alert to serious security threats in good time. The advantages of the agreement are e.g. better scalability of the service to a wide target customer base.

The cooperation will enable Havaro’s service in the future through Netox’s SOC (Security Operations Center). Netox SOC enables a comprehensive service package as cybersecurity requirements increase. It also allows continuous monitoring of communications and largely automated responses to threats.

The HAVARO 2.0 system can be used to obtain observational information about security threats in the overall picture, utilizing several different sources. The information provides a snapshot that develops the reliability and security of communications networks and services and increases the understanding of cybersecurity for the benefit of all network organizations.

– HAVARO 2.0. cooperation will further strengthen Netox’s SOC operations and bring essential functionality, in particular for situational awareness. The Cyber Security Centre’s HAVARO service provides information that cannot be produced with other tools, says Markku Korkiakoski, Netox’s Director of Cybersecurity.

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