The managed services provider Netox has reported its third consecutive year of business growth. The IT service company from Oulu, Finland, reached 5 million euros in revenue last year which means 30% of annual growth every year since 2015. One reason for growth in 2018 was the new European data protection regulation; as it came into force, Netox worked in close co-operation with its customers to make sure their systems were compliant with the new law. However, most of the growth is the result of steadily increased business.

‘Existing customers trusted us with even more of their managed information and IT services. We are a trusted partner who cares about their customers: according to the most recent customer satisfaction survey, we scored 4.83 on a scale from 1 to 5,’ says Netox CEO Mikko Luhtaniemi. ‘In addition, we have been able to extend into whole new industries.’

Tuulia Nissinen has been working with Netox since November. Her aim is to develop a company strategy that includes service design more than before.  ‘Customer experience is what defines success in this industry. Netox’s managed services concept has already taught companies to purchase whole packages. The easier it is to buy the service, the more it benefits the customer,’ says Nissinen. ‘I expect Netox to continue growing this year in much the same way it has before; one of the big reasons why is investing in cyber security. Strong cyber security is important for companies, and it should be an integral part of their strategy. Cyber threats are very real and threaten companies of all sizes. We have world-class expertise that we can use to help our customers; our customers can also learn from us with the help of your experts.’

In 2018, Netox invested in both its people and its equipment. To support business growth, Netox recruited various significant new employees, and it invested millions to the extension of its server room. Netox broke into new markets as it introduced project business in its strategy. All key personnel involved in it received training to become international IPMA certified project managers. The company has the tools for growth in 2019 in its hands.