Based in Oulu, the IT service company Netox Oy has just published its business figures for 2017. Netox’ concept package “Managed Services” resulted in a strong business growth, as the company’s turnover increased by nearly 38% compared to the previous year, reaching 3.78 million EUR. “We’ve found a way to serve our clients in a way that gives them the most added value,” the CEO Mikko Luhtaniemi estimated. “The concept of managed services means that we are responsible for the client’s systems and predict any needs for change before the client can even notice them. The growth figures show that we’ve been able to communicate this in the right way, to old and new customers alike,” Luhtaniemi summed up.

The company’s profit was 5%, which is typical in this industry.  “This is another area where we’re aiming for growth,” said Mikko Luhtaniemi. “We are constantly developing our business processes. Better profitability also means that we can create new services even more efficiently, which is evident in higher-quality end results for the clients.”

Netox’ clientele includes companies from various fields of business. Over the past years, Netox’ business operations have grown particularly thanks to companies in the health and wellness sector. The company has offices in Oulu and Helsinki.