Netox Oy, together with the Chamber of Commerce Finland-Switzerland organized a breakfast event in Business Meeting Park Ltd. on the 2nd of April. The event focused on digital trust, and the opportunities, models and collaboration that it offers. This Breakfast of Trust provided perspectives of cyber diplomacy, global regulation and emerging trends and how Digital Trust can be addressed in the business domain.

Netox Oy would like to thank H.E. Heinrich Maurer, Swiss Ambassador to Finland for his remarks as well as keynote speakers Ambassador of Cyber Affairs H.E. Pia Rantala-Engberg, Mr. Harald Olsen from the Embassy of the United States of American in Helsinki and Mr. Niko Candelin from Netox Oy for profound views and active discussions.

Our special thanks goes to Mr. Gerrit van Setten and Dr. Jani Kaarlejärvi from the Chamber of Commerce Finland-Switzerland for the remarks and joint effort for the event and Mr. Markku Korkiakoski from Netox for moderating the discussions.