Responsibility is one of the core values of our company and it is only highlighted now as the coronavirus demands special attention and actions from all of us to ensure common health and safety.

As part of a state of emergency preparation plan we at Netox follow the instructions stated by the authorities as well as the company policies concerning the coronavirus.

We are actively following the instructions coming from the official sources and have, according to them, canceled all international business trips. In addition we have restricted domestic business travel to concern only the services that are critical for the continuation of our operations. With these among other actions we aim to restrict the spread of the virus and to ensure the health and safety of our staff, customers and partners.

How are we otherwise operating?

The most important mission of our operations is taking care of the continuation of our customers’ business. In our services we follow our normal continuation plan which includes supervising, controlling, maintaining and operating in different exceptional situations. We are already performing most of our tasks by remote access. In addition our customer meetings are held utilizing electronic systems such as Microsoft Teams.

Our support services are available as normal. For the time being tasks that require working in customer spaces, such as local IT-support and other expert tasks, are carried out normally and abiding to the official guidelines.

In case the situation demands restrictions concerning working in customer spaces we are sure to inform about them at once.

With the planning of our resourcing we aim to maintain good customer service quality even in an abnormal situation. In case unusual operational classifications become necessary we will be prioritizing the tasks that are critical to the continuation of our customers’ business.

Should the epidemic cause any delays in the shipments from manufacturers, we will infom about it imediately. Likewise we will declare any and all situations that could have wider implications to the service production of our customers.

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