Netox invests in customer-oriented development and strenghtens the tradional IT services through comprehensive and reliable expert competence. Netox has recently been reinforced with a new Senior System Specialist Sampo Seppänen.

‘New technology and the possibility to use it were the primary reasons for me to gravitate to Netox but the tightness and extremely positive atmosphere of the work community are the reasons which make one want to stay’, Sampo appraises. ‘Since the beginning I’ve felt like belonging in the group just like any other’.

Netox was not previously familiar to Sampo. ‘However, I’ve quickly realized why it’s a company that grows 30 % annually. The personnel is extremely adept and eager to learn. New techniques and services are absorbed quickly for better customer service but also for developing own operations.

Sampo emphasizes the cyber security know-how. ‘It is the number one thing with Netox and not without reason. Ensuring cyber security is not something to overlook these days, and its significance will infact only grow in the future’.