The steadily growing Netox is attracting job seekers. Even if the company has no advertised vacancies, job applications still come in at a steady pace. Netox also caught the interest of Jani Ahola, who has been working in IT for more than 20 years, the majority of that in high security level environments.

“I was initially supposed to become a programmer, but over time I realised that the maintenance and cyber security aspects are more interesting to me,” Ahola said. He first started at Fujitsu, then moving on to Elektrobit (now known as Bittium). “In time, I also became familiar with Nokia’s environments, but I’ve also done many other things.”

Over the past 15 years at Bittium, Ahola became familiar with the environments audited by the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority, among others. At Bittium, the basic level of cyber security is high regarding everyday work operations, and clients’ project requirements raise the bar even higher.

Now, he’s working for Netox. “I’m an IT project manager, specialising in the management of SECaaS projects. We develop and provide cyber security as a service to cover companies’ needs.” According to Jani Ahola, the best part of SECaaS is its scalability – there are parts of the whole that improve a company’s cyber security level regardless of the size of the company. For example, based on the client’s IT infrastructure, the cyber security service can be scaled in several directions. “The weakest link in cyber security is the user,” Ahola reminded us.

Ahola was lured to Netox by its relaxed atmosphere and the attitude of getting things done. “In a flat organisation, decision-making is easy. All the technologies and tools we use are state-of-the-art, but everything has its purpose. As we say here: we provide managed services. You can see it and feel it in everything,” Jani Ahola summed up.