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Whether you need an IT partner, Microsoft and cloud expertise or rock-solid cybersecurity, Netox has it all. We always start by developing our range of services with each customer’s needs foremost in mind, ensuring that all services agreed with us can be used and harnessed to the full.

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Partnership with us

We put all our expertise into securing your business 24/7. We’ll also help you identify your development needs and provide you with a refined service management model, training, consultancy and workshops.

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IT services

We will help you identify your business needs and build a service model to support your operations.

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Microsoft productivity

Working life in Finland is to a large extent based on Microsoft products and services, and we know these like the back of our hands. Together we’ll get the most out of your investments.

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We don’t just provide a cybersecurity service – we offer a whole culture of security that we transfer to your company’s way of thinking and working.

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Why Netox?

Bringing together cybersecurity and IT services, we are unique among companies of our size. We help your company succeed with innovative technology solutions, and we design our services to meet your needs cost-effectively. Our priority is to be each customers’ most trusted and valued partner.

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Ville Kankare.

Ville Kankare

Vice President, Cybersecurity & Microsoft Productivity

Esa Viljava.

Esa Viljava

Vice President, Growth

Mikko Pöyry.

Mikko Pöyry

Vice President, IT Services

Anssi Åkman.

Anssi Åkman

Director, Service Management

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