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We protect your data in cloud services

In the rapidly changing environment of cloud technologies and cloud services, protecting your assets and data is vital. Netox provides specialised cloud security services, delivered by our dedicated team of experts. No matter where you are in your in your journey towards a cloud-based digital environment, Netox has custom solutions to meet your organisation’s cloud security needs.

We know the Microsoft cloud environment like the back of our hands, and our experts have years of experience in cloud security for Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Entra ID. Our top team also includes a specialist who has won the Microsoft Security Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award.

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Netox cloud security services

Netox’s cloud security service is divided into four sections, each dealing with a specific aspect of cloud security.

Our services includes:


1. Cloud security workshops

Netox’s workshops are designed for organisations using Microsoft’s data security ecosystem, and focus on increasing the adoption of data security solutions and delivering high value at optimised cost. Specific workshops cover topics such as SIEM plus XDR, Defender for Cloud in multi-cloud environments, and securing identities and access management.

Netox offers a series of workshops focused on protection against threats using SIEM and XDR (this is our Defend Against Threats with SIEM Plus XDR workshop) Another essential Netox workshop is the Secure Multi-Cloud Environments Workshop, which is designed to promote and guide the adoption of solutions such as Microsoft Defender for Cloud and Azure Network Security.


2. Safety assessments

Netox’s security assessments examine the current security situation of cloud environments through a comprehensive analysis. Netox offers a standardised payment structure for assessments on platforms such as Microsoft 365, Microsoft Entra and Azure.

Netox conducts an in-depth assessment of the security of Microsoft cloud solutions. Assessments of this kind are crucial for companies that rely more and more on digitalisation and cloud computing. Netox’s assessment will help identify ambiguous cloud security situations and threats that pose significant risks to business-critical data. We can provide detailed information about your security situation and determine the risks and their severity using the best practices of Microsoft and the industry as a whole.

Netox specialises in security assessments for Microsoft cloud services. We review the Azure platform for individual resources and resource types to ensure compliance with best practices and tightening guidelines. Microsoft Entra ID assessments focus on tenant-level security controls and effective access management, which are typically included in Azure or Microsoft 365 assessments. Netox’s Microsoft 365 assessments look at your company’s tenant security controls and ensure compliance with industry best practices and compliance guidelines.


3. Deployments

Netox ensures seamless integration and deployment of security services, and provides expertise in areas such as MDR/XDR deployment and Microsoft Sentinel migrations. All this is provided on a clear and predictable payment model.

Our Microsoft Sentinel deployment offer includes a comprehensive basic deployment, carefully planned in accordance with Netox’s best practices. Our service also includes a fundamental set of analytics and automation rules to ensure a comprehensive security infrastructure.

Based on Netox’s best practices, our Microsoft 365 Defender Deployments (XDR) project covers basic deployments of Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps (MDA), Microsoft Defender for Endpoint (MDE), Microsoft Defender for Identity (MDI) and Microsoft Defender for Office 365 (MDO). As an integral part of the package, we include a basic set of automation rules to improve automation and streamline processes. We also offer additional solutions for companies aiming for an even higher level of security. The protection your business already has will be further strengthened by Microsoft Entra ID Protection, Entra ID Privileged Identity Management, and Microsoft Defender for Cloud (MDC).


Netox’s cloud security advisory services

Preventive cloud security measures are vital nowadays. Netox’s advisory services focus on establishing the security posture of cloud services at an early stage. The aim is to help organisations implement effective strategies to improve data security and avoid costly changes in the long term.

In the digital age, organisations have adopted a cloud-first approach, and cloud computing is increasingly being prioritised. The transition can present hurdles, however, and it is important to have targeted and effective strategies to overcome them. Understanding current cloud security is vital. It ensures that environments are secure and that the data security framework is taken into account when planning future deployments.

Netox offers a first-class cloud security consultancy service that we customise to the specific requirements of different customers. Our advisory service aims to improve cloud security and promote the adoption of best security practices from the start. Netox specialists will help you strengthen your cloud infrastructure so you can operate with confidence – your important data and operations will be safeguarded against potential threats.

Administrative data security and data protection

Maintaining a secure environment requires good management, which requires a good management system. With first-class data security management, you can secure your business, improve the day-to-day running of your organisation, help engage your staff, and reduce costs.

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