Secure posture management

Netox – closing the door on data breaches

XDR Posture Management is an expert service where Netox specialists work in partnership with the customer. We don’t believe in quick fixes and magic tricks, but instead strive to improve the customer’s security posture in a controlled way over the long term.

In an ever-changing threat environment, Netox aims to ensure that the organisation maintains a high level of data security at all times. We emphasise proactiveness and continuous preparedness to minimise risks.

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24/7 Security Operation Center

The Netox Security Operations Center (SOC) responds to detected security threats 24/7, year round

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If a security threat materialises, Netox’s Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR) team will step in. Our on-demand DFIR team is ready to respond at any time to more serious incidents.

We can also help you recover from a security attack. We minimise the damage to your organisation and help you gradually restore your operations to normal.

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Ville Kankare.

Ville Kankare

Vice President, Cybersecurity & Microsoft Productivity

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Esa Viljava

Vice President, Growth

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Sales Executive, Cybersecurity