Security Operations Center (SOC) 24/7

Netox never sleeps – 24/7 Security Operations Center

The Netox Security Operations Center (SOC) responds to detected security threats 24/7, year round. Since our system never sleeps, your organisation is always safe and you can focus on your core tasks.

At the heart of Netox’s service are our SOC specialists, who are always busily monitoring our customers’ data communications, systems and anomalies to keep them safe. The Netox Security Operations Center is far from being a one-person show. At best, there’s actually no show at all, since prevention is the key to ensuring that your business can continue to run smoothly, without drama.

Our systems collect data, monitor events and maintain critical services, and our specialists take the necessary action if something unexpected or abnormal crops up. Knowledge is relevant only in the right hands. Comprehensive visibility of anomalies, potential data leaks and a complete situational awareness can be vital to your company. Every year in Finland, data breaches and cyberattacks occur that cause millions of euros of damage. Globally, a data breach occurs almost every second.

Epäilytävä henkilö käsittelee kannettavaa tietokonetta mustat käsineet kädessään

Managed Microsoft Sentinel

We use Microsoft Sentinel as the service’s primary security information and event management (SIEM) system and the main collector of security events, incidents and logs. Netox manages it entirely within the service and takes full advantage of its features.

Critical Incident and Response Team

Netox provides a Critical Incident and Response Team (CIRT) service (charged separately). This service helps to minimise the impact of potential data breaches. Our CIRT team includes data protection, cybersecurity and ICT specialists with the technical expertise to maintain the security of critical ICT systems and services.

The CIRT team investigates the cause of any security breach or other incident and resolves any technical problems and data breaches. The team also handles complex forensic tasks. The team responds to critical security breaches and is responsible for managing and restoring the service after a security breach or other event.

The CIRT team ensures business continuity for your organisation by identifying the cause of the attack and resolving the technical problems caused.

Features of the service:

  • Log collection and monitoring
  • Log analysis and monitoring
  • Analysis and classification of alerts
  • Customised alert rules
  • Informing the customer in the event of an incident


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Henri Niemitalo

Sales Executive, Cybersecurity