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Vulnerability management

Vulnerability management allows Netox to identify and manage vulnerabilities in your organisation’s environment. This is not just a service, more like an investment in the future of your business.

How our service benefits you

  • Reducing the risk of cyberattacks by identifying and managing vulnerabilities
  • Automating vulnerability checks and reporting saves time and money
  • Netox provides a comprehensive overview of vulnerability status and remediation measures to help your organisation comply with regulations and standards
  • We create a secure working culture for your organisation, one in which everyone knows and is committed to the right ways of working

Main service areas

  1. Scheduled scans of the organisational environment
  2. Expert prioritisation of vulnerability corrections

Don’t panic, contact Netox!

Together we can strengthen your data security and keep your business safe. Contact our experts – we’ll be happy to tell you more.

Henri Niemitalo

Sales Executive, Cybersecurity

Ville Kankare.

Ville Kankare

Vice President, Cybersecurity & Microsoft Productivity