Life cycle services

Sustainable and safe equipment management

Responsibility and sustainability are an essential part of the life cycle of our equipment and our work at Netox. We offer efficient recycling of equipment, repair services, and new, more environmentally friendly equipment options.

Our IT lifecycle service is based on sustainability. In partnership with our customers, we are improving the procurement and life cycle service of IT equipment and making it more cost-effective. Well-functioning digital technology streamlines everyday life and helps reduce the climate impact of business, for example by allowing better remote working opportunities.

Quick and reliable life cycle service

Netox’s life cycle service also ensures that your organisation always knows where its IT equipment is and how well it’s maintained. This way, you save money by buying only what you need, and upgrading equipment when necessary. It also allows your employees to focus on their work instead of on IT.

Netox delivers the equipment and software you need quickly and reliably, installed and ready to use if you want. We also take care of the safe recycling of equipment at the end of its life cycle.

Save time and focus on your business

Our service is designed to help your organisation manage your IT equipment throughout its life cycle, from acquisition to recycling. Netox can help you save time and money by taking care of the details for you, so you can focus on your business.

Netox’s life cycle services include:

  • Equipment procurement service (online store/equipment selections/customer-specific special pricing)
  • Equipment procurement models (purchase/financing)
  • Equipment buffering
  • Pre-installation/equipment registration services
  • Equipment deliveries
  • Commissioning
  • Equipment register
  • Secure disposal and recycling of equipment

Ask our experts

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Esa Viljava.

Esa Viljava

Vice President, Growth

Mikko Pöyry.

Mikko Pöyry

Vice President, IT Services