Managed Azure

Managed Azure Service

Netox’s Managed Azure service, provides a secure and scalable Azure service platform in the Microsoft cloud. 

Our management service is suitable for businesses of all sizes and at different stages of cloud deployment, from a new Azure environment to the more demanding needs of an existing environment.

Netox’s management service covers: 

The services enhance the visibility and detection capabilities of your organization’s cybersecurity. They reduce cybersecurity risks and vulnerabilities, improve response to security incidents, as well as the organization’s cybersecurity resources, and increase cost-effectiveness.


Service levels

Work to fix the problem in the Azure platform begins in accordance with the service level agreement (SLA). The SLA is in force when the problem in question prevents or hinders normal operations in production.

Azure support services

Support work may include responding to tickets and alerts, handling tickets and alerts, environmental recommendations, and maintaining and updating monitoring.

Secure monitoring

Azure services are monitored for data security recommendations.

Performance monitoring

The performance of the selected services will be monitored. The monitoring is resource-specific and Azure domain-specific. Common metrics include throttling HTTP responses and message queues.

Availability monitoring

The availability of selected services is monitored to ensure their accessibility. The monitoring is resource-specific and Azure domain-specific.

Platform monitotring

The Azure platform is monitored for service problems, updates and changes. The monitoring is resource-specific and Azure domain-specific.

Root cause analysis

Netox uses alarms and telemetry to locate root causes and improve monitoring capabilities.

Further consulation

In addition to the Managed Azure continuous service, Netox can also provide a wide range of other services, including training, data security assessments, cost optimisation, management support, and Azure architecture design.

Service reporting

Netox will produce reports on the service, which will enable us and the customer to monitor and verify the status of the activities covered by the service.

Monthly cost analysis

The costs of the services provided by the Azure platform are monitored as part of the activities of the operational steering group.

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