Network sevices

Managed Computer Network Services to support your business

With our specialists and leading technology partners, we can implement, manage and monitor your businesses network services ensuring their continuity.

Network services ensure the continuity of your business. The service provides the customer with individually tailored network solutions. This includes, for example, ensuring the continuity of data networks, local area network solutions, network architecture plans, procurement of network equipment, extensive data network solutions.

Network Services include firewalls, LAN switches, wireless access points, LAN-LAN VPN, Remote Access VPN or application solutions that enable centralised security policies and security management.

We have implemented these:

  • Company network architecture designs
  • Local area network solutions: LAN, WLAN and also VPN
  • WAN solutions: Design, implementation and optimization including SDWAN
  • Network control and monitoring solutions.
  • Network device lifecycle management including sourcing, control and monitoring
  • Individually customized and executed solutions ensure Network Services for all needs

Monitoring and management services overview

Our network service includes the monitoring and management of the associated hardware environment and its related application platform. The network equipment may consist of service devices procured through a supplier or network devices already owned by the client.

During the service planning phase, the requirements of the network environment are defined collaboratively. It is possible to flexibly add network devices as needed, with regular reporting on their usage.

As the supplier, we are responsible for documentation and ensure the currency of the service environment documentation. Documentation includes LAN and WLAN descriptions per site and network topology.

Service monitoring is carried out through automated monitoring tools and recurrent system checks performed by our experts. Monitoring is centralized, regardless of whether the equipment is located at the supplier’s, the client’s, or another agreed-upon location. Automatic monitoring is conducted around the clock, every day of the year. Alerts generated by monitoring are responded to according to the agreed service level.

Digital working environment

The right choice of digital resources brings greater organisation, flexibility and productivity.

Managed Azure

Netox’s Managed Azure service, provides a secure and scalable Azure service platform in the Microsoft cloud. 

Knowledge brings security

Developing the skills of end users and engaging the whole organisation in a shared approach is central to all the training Netox provides.

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