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Intranet and data management

The development of Microsoft SharePoint and intranet services in recent years has been astonishing. New page templates and new ways of building a state-of-the-art SharePoint have made all things in intranet much easier and faster. Building an intranet that is a worthy reflection of your organisation and that really supports you no longer requires a highly customised solution.

Netox can build an intranet for you directly with SharePoint tools, making upgradability and future development much easier and more economical.

Our services cover the design and deployment of intranet tools, annual maintenance and data management.

Nainen hymyilee ja levittelee käsiään innostuneena tietokoneen edessä

A state-of-the art intranet

A world-class intranet helps you work well, allowing flexible communication and sharing of information across the organisation. Netox designs solutions with the user foremost in mind.

Netox’s intranet service:

  • Built to be user-friendly
  • Quick to create, edit and develop
  • Enables internal development of your organisation
  • Makes everything easily accessible, independent of time and location
  • Functions as part of the organisation’s processes
  • Enables agile organisation-wide communication and sharing
  • Develops with the organisation
  • Communicates in the channels where users are reachable

Annual intranet maintenance

Annual maintenance of your intranet is an investment in your organisation’s digital work environment that can reap significant rewards in both the short and long term. Some reasons for annual maintenance:

You’ll be kept up to date

Like a cat on a hot tin roof, the digital working environment and technology never stand still. Annual maintenance ensures that your intranet stays up to date and takes advantage of the latest features and best practices.

You get an expert’s view

Netox’s digital specialists will take a fresh look at your intranet and suggest improvements. We have extensive experience and insight into what other companies are doing in this area, and we can introduce fresh ideas and perspectives.

You make informed decisions

We’ll provide you with valuable information on what other organisations are doing with their intranets. This will help you understand how your working methods compare with others in this regard, and give you insight into what you could do differently or better.

You can make better use of your intranet

Annual intranet maintenance can help you make better use of existing features and identify new opportunities. This can improve employee productivity and the overall efficiency of your working environment.

You save time and effort

If you’ve come across problems with your intranet or have ideas for improvements but are not sure how to go about them, annual maintenance can help. In the process, it can save you time and effort.

Custom solutions

Annual maintenance is not a one-size-fits-all solution, but is tailored to your company’s needs. You can focus on what’s most important to you.

Mies kantaa kannettavaa tietokonetta kainalossa

SharePoint document archive for data management

Organisations have a growing need for a resting place for their information – a place where it can stay securely.

The need for a data archive or warehouse usually arises when an organisation starts to look at its own data model and consider what kind of information it has, and how it could be stored in a way that would make it easy to find in the future.

Archiving applies in particular to various official documents and material, such as contracts, or information that has been designated for retention by public authorities or for the organisation’s own continuity. The information to be kept may even be such that, due to the nature of the organisation, it will end up in the clerical employee archive, for example.

Microsoft 365, and more specifically SharePoint Online, is a natural place for many organisations to host their repository. The services are already widely used and licensed, so there is no need to invest in licensing, for one thing. Microsoft 365 is highly secure and reliable, which also makes it a good solution for your archiving needs.

Ask our experts

Are you concerned about data security? Any questions? A Netox expert will be happy to help.

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Sales Executive, Microsoft Productivity

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Sales Executive, Microsoft Productivity