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Microsoft Viva is a family of products that focuses on the employee experience and its holistic development. Viva is part of Microsoft’s Employee Experience (EXP) range.

Microsoft Viva enables a more efficient digital working environment by bringing together a range of applications and other software. It provides tools for data discovery, communication, analytics and new learning, and more. With Viva, you can better harness the power of AI while measuring its impact on your organisation.

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The growing importance of the employee experience

Employee experience is a key factor in future recruitment and in maintaining the commitment of existing personnel. This is therefore something that affects every organisation, and should be on every management agenda as a development priority.

What is an Employee Experience Platform (EXP)? 

An employee experience platform, or EXP, refers to products in the Microsoft Viva product family that form their own ecosystem (Viva) and are part of a larger work ecosystem (Microsoft 365), rather than being separate solutions.

The platform is highly integrated, with each entity being “aware” of the others, and they are all thus able to use this mutual awareness to generate and enrich knowledge across the ecosystem.

The EXP platform puts people at the centre and supports this strategy with modern tools – which must of course be used according to modern rules.

An employee experience platform often consists of the following elements:

  • Wellbeing and observations: Tools that allow an employee to analyse their wellbeing at work, based on the findings of the system and the automatic analyses carried out on them.
  • Learning and development: Tools to build an employee’s skills and understanding, induction for new employees, and processes for learning and developing new skills. Better knowledge management and systematic skills development.
  • Purpose and direction: Common goals, plans and their outcomes. Recognising and acknowledging success.
  • Culture and communication: Current news, events, company manuals and playbooks, and communities built around work.
  • Knowledge and skills: Increasing your own and your company’s knowledge, finding information and using existing knowledge. Bringing people and know-how together.

In addition to these, the employee experience should include the use of modern technology, with an organisation’s own instructions and criteria for their use, and training and other support should be provided for this as an ongoing process.

AI boosts work efficiency

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