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What partnership with Netox is all about. We are unique among companies of our size in combining cybersecurity and IT services, and our expertise is always at the full disposal of our customers. And when we say always, we mean it! Our service philosophy Netox 24/7 simply means that there will neverbe a break in the security we provide for your business. Our service is absolutely tireless, letting you rest easy. We’ll also help you identify your development needs and provide you with a refined service management model, training, consultancy and workshops.

Kaksi henkilöä keskustelee ja katsoo tietokoneen näyttöä

Service management

Customer-oriented service management

We always customise our services to your business needs and provide the right technology and people to support your service management. We identify your individual development needs, helping you understand both the current state of IT and anticipate new opportunities. Netox uses its own 20000-1 certified service management system to design processes that are just right for your business, and to choose the ideal solutions for your project management and documentation.


Our project services

IT and project management are key elements in our partnerships. Netox experts are project specialists or managers with internationally recognised training and certification. Aided by our controlled processes, they ensure the comprehensive management of your IT environment, and help you stay on schedule and within budget. This is also how we enable our partners to develop their business.

Our consultancy services

We offer consulting services for Microsoft 365 services, covering data protection as well as data security. We work with you to design and set up the necessary configurations and ensure that your organisation is able to use and develop its own Microsoft 365 environment in the future.

If you wish, we can also carry out deployments and configurations completely independently and provide documentation of the measures taken.

Hard drives are history!

We can help you take advantage of Microsoft 365 service licences and improve data management and document discoverability. Good data management and classification cuts costs and saves staff time. And when information is shared in a controlled way, security risks are also reduced.

Microsoft 365 E5 deployment

We plan and fully guide the deployment of all EM+S E5 security components across the organisation.

Microsoft Power Automate and Power Apps

We identify the automation and/or application needs for one or multiple processes. Depending on this initial survey and on your needs, we will carry out one proof of concept (POC). This is usually based on a manual process, for example, that needs to be automated, or the addition of a self-service function for users.


In an email system migration, we transfer your email system to Microsoft 365 and guide you through the entire process.
In a tenant-to-tenant migration, we combine two Microsoft 365 environments into one coherent system. The service includes the controlled decommissioning of the old environment.

Knowledge brings security

Just purchasing equipment and licences does little good if they are not properly used. Developing the skills of end users and engaging the whole organisation in a shared approach is central to all the training Netox provides.

Workshops to improve productivity

Netox’s workshops allow you to build your skills and work systematically, and above all take the fast lane to smarter use of cloud services. Our workshops offer major benefits for your future development and understanding. Our workshops are designed with Finnish businesses and the Finnish business culture in mind.

Hedelmiä, kaksi kannettavaa tietokonetta ja käsi näppäimistöllä

Continuous development drives our services

We constantly identify emerging trends both within Netox and in our customers’ operations, and develop our processes accordingly. Continuous development at Netox is people-centred, so we encourage our employees and customers alike to innovate and develop their expertise.

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Anssi Åkman.

Anssi Åkman

Director, Service Management

Esa Viljava.

Esa Viljava

Vice President, Growth

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Whether you need an IT partner, Microsoft and cloud expertise or rock-solid cybersecurity, Netox has it all.

IT services

We will help you identify your business needs and build a service model to support your operations.

Microsoft productivity

Working life in Finland is to a large extent based on Microsoft products and services, and we know these like the back of our hands. Together we’ll get the most out of your investments.


We don’t just provide a cybersecurity service – we offer a whole culture of security that we transfer to your company’s way of thinking and working.


Sustainable service

Sustainable business and responsibility for the environment are central to what we do. We are on the path to carbon neutrality and zero-emissions services. Our company’s wellbeing starts with our employees, and it really shows in the quality of the services we provide. Read about our environmental responsibility programme and our approach to social responsibility and equipment lifecycle management.

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