Coffee break train

What is coffee break train?

Coffee Break Train is a continuous learning model aimed at end users. It provides short and energetic trainings for the efficient and smart use of Microsoft 365 products.

When you jump on the education train, you don’t have to choose topics or decide the contents yourself. “Just hop on, sit back and enjoy the ride!”

The training topics form a smart, cohesive whole and contain the latest tips and information on the topics covered.

The Coffee Break Train sessions are for individuals who already have basic proficiency in Teams. The trainings, like traditional Coffee Breaks, last 30 minutes and are conducted on Teams.

Coffee Brake Train is practical

We have trained thousands of Finnish end-users to utilize Microsoft 365 services more efficiently and securely. In all our Coffee Break content, you get the best tips in a clear and inspiring package.

The skills you learn in our Coffee Break trainings are always practical, rooted in our customers’ and our own everyday experiences. You can immediately apply what you learn after the training.

Why would you join us?

In a concise 30-minute training session, we delve into one topic at a time. Our enthusiastic trainer leads the sessions, and you always get answers to your questions. As a memento, you receive a recording of each training session for later viewing and review.

When you join one session, you can also participate in other trainings as they start. With one monthly fee, you can travel on all trains, just like interrailing. Billing is monthly, and you can hop off whenever you want.

Coffee Break trains are not tailored to specific clients; instead, each train may have participants from various organizations. However, this system works well in these trainings because we focus on teaching the latest and most current knowledge.

Trainings are offered up to four times a week. You can either stick with one train, following the topics in order once a week, or jump from one train to another, attending topics of your choice at convenient times.

Coffee Break Train schedules

  • Train 1: On Tuesdays at 9:00 AM
  • Train 2: On Wednesdays at 2:00 PM
  • Train 3: On Thursdays at 8:30 AM
  • Train 4: On Thursdays at 2:00 PM

Coffee Breaks

We organize individual coffee breaks, which are 30-minute trainings on practical topics. Explore the content and topics of the training in more detail.

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Sales Executive, Microsoft Productivity

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