Coffee breaks

What’s a Netox Coffee break?

Microsoft 365 services, in their various forms, fill a large part of people’s working days, and at their best they are of huge benefit to us. But sometimes it can feel like life with Teams is a struggle, or that you’re nowhere near mastering Outlook. You’re not the only one to feel this way, which is why Netox’s coffee breaks are so popular.

We offer tips and advice that come directly from everyday working life – yours and ours. We already have over 70 types of training content, and we are coming up with more all the time.

Netox has trained thousands of end users in Finland to make better use of Microsoft 365 services. All our coffee break content gives you the best tips in a simple, plain-talking and inspiring package.

All the coffee break training content can also be provided in English if required.

Coffee break topics


Your files in the cloud, always available
(OneDrive for Business)

  • What is OneDrive?
  • OneDrive and smart sharing
  • OneDrive synchronisation

Basic use of Teams

  • Basic use of Teams
  • What Teams is, and what it can do for you
  • Teams and discussions
  • Teams and meetings
  • Teams and smart communication
  • Teams files and tips for using them
  • Setting up a team in Teams
  • How to find information in Teams
  • Fine-tuning team lists in Teams
  • Teams and data congestion management
  • Teams on mobile devices

Advanced use of Teams

  • Non-normal channels
  • Working with outsiders
  • More advanced use of files
  • The role of the presenter in the meeting
  • New features for meetings
  • Channel management (New)
  • Message like a pro (New)
  • Teams and the app layout
  • Using tabs on the team channel

All about files

  • File management on the Office 365 platform
  • What is OneDrive?
  • OneDrive and smart sharing
  • OneDrive synchronisation
  • Teams files and tips
  • More advanced use of files
  • Creating restricted access to files
  • Team files visible in resource management
  • File sharing outside the team
  • Data security
  • Secure use of data
  • Secure use of data, continued

Me, the team owner

  • Setting up a team in Teams
  • Opportunities for the owner in the team


  • What is Forms?
  • Forms, continued

The modern mailbox

  • A focused inbox
  • No more notification settings
  • Outlook and abandoning the folder structure
  • To Do and tasks
  • Outlook search
  • Usage tips for Outlook calendar

Holding meetings

  • Teams and meetings
  • Small groups in a Teams meeting
  • Meeting settings in practice
  • Taking minutes of a meeting
  • Microsoft Whiteboard
  • Forms polls
  • Share PowerPoint live in meetings
  • Roles of the organiser and the presenter in the meeting
  • Teams webinar
  • The basics of Teams live events
  • Recording a Teams meeting
  • Teams and follow-up of meetings

Task management (Planner)

  • What is Planner?
  • Management of Planner tasks
  • To Do and tasks 

OneNote, get your notes in order

  • OneNote basics
  • OneNote personal notebook
  • Sharing a notebook
  • OneNote for mobile use

Mobile use

  • OneNote for mobile use
  • Mobile use of Office applications
  • OneDrive mobile capabilities
  • Planner in your pocket
  • To Do always with you
  • Videos on the fly
  • Teams on mobile devices

Windows 10 tips

  • Windows 10 and search functions
  • Windows 10 and smart usage tips 

Coffee break train

If you want to develop your team’s skills on a long-term basis, you can also order coffee breaks as an ongoing service – a coffee break “train”. In this form, Netox will hold training sessions for your organisation on a regular basis once a month.

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