Metaverse Workshop

What is Metaverse?

Metaverse refers to a concept in which the digital and virtual worlds are increasingly integrated.

Tech giants (Microsoft, Facebook, Apple, Google, etc.) aim to use metaverses to revolutionize how we work, utilize digital tools, and discover new business areas. The idea is that in a rapidly changing world, there is a need for new tools that leverage modern technology. The metaverse is seen at the center of discussions regarding the development of new concepts, services, or even employee experiences.

Workshop content

Workshop participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of how Metaverses will transform our company’s way of working, developing, and creating together.

The workshop provides excellent insights for integrating Metaverses into the company’s strategy and future plans.

In the workshop, we will cover the following topics:

  • Getting to Know Metaverses: What is it about, why is it important? How might Metaverses change the way we work? What are the common (sometimes challenging) questions related to utilizing Metaverses?
  • Where are Metaverses Heading Next: Let’s take a look together at future developments, what’s coming, when, and how it will impact.
  • Exploring Common Use Cases: We’ll through practical examples together to understand all the different ways Metaverses are utilized and what experiences can be gained from them.
  • Metaverse in Practice: Each participant will engage in shared exercises to experience simultaneously what it feels like to work using Metaverses, what thoughts it provokes, and how everything practically functions.
  • Ways of Working Now and in the Future: Let’s brainstorm together your specific path to utilizing Metaverses and consider how things should be taken into account in the company’s development.

The workshop will undoubtedly invite reflection, provide expertise on various matters, and above all, enhance understanding to the extent that the topics covered in the workshop can be integrated into one’s own company development.

Following the workshop, we will provide the client with a summary of the topics discussed and the observations made by participants during the workshop. The summary will also include basic information about the metaverse and its future development directions.

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