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Academy 365

Learn the key tools from Excel to Teams and SharePoint to Whiteboard at your own convenience. Track your progress easily using your organization’s 365 credentials.

Designed by top professionals, the digital Microsoft 365 training programs are aimed at end-users within organizations. The Academy 365 offers approximately 30 hours (500 pieces) of studio-quality training. The training covers all the key M365 tools from Excel to Teams and from OneDrive to Word.

End-users can access the Academy with their organization’s 365 credentials and can monitor their progress in the training. The training sessions are broken down into convenient and short sets, which users can watch according to their own schedule and revisit topics as needed. This enables continuous learning.

The 365 Academy is designed to be as user-friendly as possible. Separate credentials are not required – your own M365 credentials are sufficient. The content is structured into clear and logical units, allowing users to break their learning into smaller pieces instead of attending one long training session, and they can revisit the content anytime.

Academy 365 in a nutshell

  • M365 training for end-users within the organization in digital format, created by top professionals.
  • 30 hours / approximately 500 pieces of studio-quality digital coaching.
  • Covers all key M365 tools from Excel to Teams and from OneDrive to Word.
  • Supports the process of continuous learning.
  • Accessible with organization’s 365 credentials.
  • Option to track individual progress.

Content of the training

The content of our training is constantly evolving and expanding. Currently, we offer approximately 30 hours of training content, consisting of over 500 studio-quality training videos. The topics cover all the key M365 tools from Excel to Teams and from OneDrive to Word.

Our training content doesn’t just focus on showcasing features but actually teaches how to utilize them as part of everyday work. The training provides practical insights into how to thrive in the modern world of hybrid work and how to intelligently use the available tools to save time.

In the future workplace, it’s crucial to learn to do things smartly. Our answer to teaching this is Opisto 365.

Microsoft 365 applications

  • Basics of Secure Usage
  • Fundamentals of Browser Usage (Microsoft 365)
  • Basic Usage of Planner
  • Virtual Facilitation in the Microsoft 365 Environment
  • Microsoft 365 Fundamentals: Which App to Use for What
  • Fundamentals and Usage Tips for Outlook Application
  • SharePoint – Content Production for Intranet
  • Getting Familiar with Microsoft Whiteboard
  • Basic Usage of Forms
  • To Do

Microsoft Teams

  • Basics of Teams and teamwork
  • Meetings with Teams
  • Chatting with Teams
  • Using Teams on mobile
  • Advanced usage of Teams

Office applications

  • Basics of Excel application
  • Basics and tips for using Word application
  • Basics of PowerPoint application

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