Microsoft Viva Workshop

Better employee experience

Microsoft Viva is a family of products that focuses on the employee experience and its holistic development. Viva is part of Microsoft’s Employee Experience (EXP) range.

Microsoft Viva enables a more efficient digital working environment by bringing together a range of applications and other software. It provides tools for data discovery, communication, analytics and new learning, and more. With Viva, you can better harness the power of AI while measuring its impact on your organisation.

Workshop content

Participants in the workshop will receive a comprehensive overview of employee experience, its building blocks (Viva product family), and its development from the perspective of their own organization.

In the workshop, you will receive answers to questions such as where we are currently, what is possible, and what we should do next.

The workshop will cover the following topics:

  • Employee Experience (EX) in general: What is it and why is it important? What are the components of employee experience, and what research data on employee experience is available worldwide and in Finland?
  • Getting to know the Viva product family: What is the Viva product family composed of, how do the tools come together as a whole, and how should the overall system be managed? We will also touch on the licensing of the Viva product family to help participants understand the costs associated with utilizing the service.
  • The Viva product family in practice: Together, we will select the most relevant components for the client organization and focus specifically on their utilization. In exploring the possibilities, we will use a real Viva environment, and our examples will always come from real customers, so you’ll learn how these products are actually used in Finland.
  • Employee experience with us in the future: Let’s brainstorm, think, and plan together what your organization’s journey with employee experience would look like. What should be considered, what should be integrated into the organization’s strategy, and how can we ensure that we stay abreast of developments in the future?

As a result of the workshop, there will be a concrete analysis of the current state, a description of the desired future state, and clear steps on how to achieve it and where to start. The material provided after the workshop will always be tailored to the specific needs of the client, ensuring it aligns with their requirements.

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