Mini workshops

Two-hour remote workshop

Two-hour remote workshop Our two-hour mini workshops are a streamlined version of our workshops. It’s an efficient and clear way to address concrete challenges and is well-suited for corporate management or communication and HR professionals.

We conduct mini workshops through Teams and recordings are available upon request. Additionally, after the workshop, we provide a clear report and action plan to make it easy for the organization to implement the right actions.

The report is always tailored to the specific needs of the customer and includes recommendations for technical measures and licenses if necessary.

Content of the report:

  • Summary of discussions during the workshop
  • Concrete action plan on how to effectively utilize Teams
  • Template for the Teams playbook including roles, purpose of Teams, and how to use it
  • Training plan with content on how Teams should be trained
  • Proposal for a schedule to ensure success by scheduling correctly

Teams mini workshop


  • The role and opportunities of Teams within the MS ecosystem
  • Building a governance model for Teams
  • Best practices for implementing Teams (and what not to do)
  • Training organization on Teams guidelines and fostering Teams proficiency
  • Successful and unsuccessful case studies from other companies
  • Key new features of Teams

Microsoft 365 mini workshop


  • We’ll go through the basic tools and features of Microsoft 365
  • What applications are available in the Microsoft 365 environment (included in the client’s licenses)
  • What roles the applications play and which ones should be utilized
  • What benefits should be pursued with Microsoft 365 services
  • Where others have succeeded and failed – we bring a lot of benchmark data and real experiences to the workshop
  • New features of the Microsoft 365 service

Cybersecurity mini workshop


  • We’ll make initial preparations and get acquainted with your company.
  • A joint workshop with the client (duration 2 hours).
  • Clear action plan, i.e., report, the following week.

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