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Sustainable service

For Netox, responsibility and sustainability mean respect for the environment, social responsibility, and good governance. We design our processes and services to be as efficient as possible in terms of their consumption of energy, resources and raw materials. We ensure responsible lifecycle management of equipment, and we also choose partners that contribute to sustainable development. We aim to be carbon-neutral by 2035, with zero emissions for our 1–2 tier emissions by 2030. We annually monitor our progress towards our targets. 

Netox’s ethical principles and social responsibility

The wellbeing of our employees is vital to the company. We promote equality and equity, safety, wellbeing at work and skills development for all our staff. Our social responsibility covers not only our own personnel, but also our relationships with customers and subcontractors. We are committed to operating in accordance with the ethical principles of good governance. 

We take responsibility for the environment

At Netox, environmental responsibility extends to everything we do. This means that our services and processes are as efficient as possible in terms of the use of energy, natural resources and raw materials.

We ensure the responsible lifecycle management of our own and our customers’ equipment, and choose partners that are committed to sustainable development. We have set targets for carbon neutrality (2035) and zero emissions for our 1–2 level emissions (2030). Our ISO 14001 environmental certification is further proof of our responsible approach to all we do. 

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Data security and digital trust 

Providing safe and reliable services is also part of our responsible approach. Our customers need to have full confidence in how well our services protect their business, with all the multiplier effects this has. Our services and experts are ISO 27001 certified, and we are committed to embedding a culture of safety throughout our partners’ operations.

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Taija Niva

Quality Manager, DPO