Environmental responsibility

We are committed to solving environmental problems and striving for a responsible IT sector: Netox’s vision is to provide innovative, environmentally friendly and sustainable IT services that support our customers and our business. We have already taken a number of measures in pursuit of this goal, and we strictly comply with environmental legislation. We believe that sustainability and successful business go hand in hand. 


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Netox’s sustainable services

A responsible approach is the basis of everything we do. We focus on the efficient use of energy, natural resources and raw materials, sustainable life cycle management of equipment, and collaboration with partners who care equally about the environment. All the data centres that Netox uses are powered by renewable energy sources, and we use rental services to procure our IT equipment. This extends the life of the equipment and reduces the need for replacing it.

Practical actions

  • The electricity in all the data centres that Netox uses is generated from renewable energy sources.
  • We use a rental service to procure IT equipment. The rental equipment returned to Netox is sent to a partner that will take care of its further rental or sale. Using a rental service allows for a longer lifespan of the equipment, and reduces the need to replace it.
  • We reuse packaging materials wherever possible.

A climate plan for sustainable solutions

We take meaningful steps to promote environmental awareness and reduce harmful emissions. One of these actions is the Netox climate plan. Netox’s goal is to be completely carbon neutral by 2035.

Climate plan targets for reducing our environmental impact:

  1. Reducing harmful emissions
  2. Responsible sourcing
  3. Reuse and recycling of equipment
  4. Environmentally friendly energy sources
  5. An environmentally friendly working environment and transportation


Calculating our carbon footprint

To monitor the achievement of our emission reduction targets set in the climate plan, we calculate our carbon footprint annually for all of Netox’s operations (scope 1–3). Doing this helps us to understand in depth where Netox’s emissions come from and how to reduce them.

Netox has committed to becoming a carbon-neutral company by 2035, and we aim for a 100% reduction in scope 1–2 emissions by 2030.

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Emissions from the entire value chain

The calculation covers emissions from the entire value chain, including vehicle fuel use, electricity and district heating, product sales, procurement, packaging materials, transport, commuting and business travel, waste management and water use, and fuel production.

Netox’s emissions in 2023 were 3812.49 tons of CO2e. The carbon footprint per employee was 28.24 t CO2e/employee. The emissions correspond to the annual CO2 emissions of approx. 370 Finns or approx. 27.5 million km of driving.

These measurements give us a starting point for steering our efforts towards more sustainable practices.

An eco-friendlier working environment

We are also making our working environment and practices more environmentally friendly. Environmentally aware and committed staff are essential to the development and continuous improvement of any responsible business.

Netox is committed to recycling waste and reusing packaging materials. Our preferred mode of travel is the train, which produces less CO2 emissions than other forms of transport. We plan to encourage and facilitate commuter cycling by providing staff with bikes, and we are also looking at other possible ways to promote low-carbon commuting.

Equipment life cycle management

We manage the life cycle of equipment used by our staff and customers to ensure that it is maximally energy-efficient and has the longest possible lifespan.

Social responsibility

At Netox, how well our company is doing begins with our employees, and shows in the quality of the services we provide. We carefully consider how our actions affect our staff, customers, partners and other stakeholders.