Ethical principles

Netox’s ethical principles

Our values – quality, responsibility and respect – shine through in everything we do. At Netox, we think carefully about what’s best for our customers so that they’ll be fully satisfied with our services. This is why continuous improvement of all we do is a key part of our daily work. We are trustworthy and act responsibly towards our customers, employees, partners and other stakeholders. We also expect our suppliers and partners to live up to these same values.

Our activities are guided by the Netox code of ethics, related guidelines and policies, the applicable laws and regulations, our agreements with customers and other stakeholders, and the ethic of continuous improvement. Environmental friendliness and sustainability are part of all our operations.

Responsibilities and scope

Netox senior management is responsible for ensuring compliance with the code of ethics. Netox board members, staff and agency contract workers must also uphold these principles. Netox requires its business partners to follow at least the same standards and principles.

Legal and ethical business practices

Netox obeys all the applicable laws, regulations and agreements. We operate openly and compete fairly. We do not accept unethical practices under any circumstances. We respect agreements and commitments that are made.

Every business decision we make is in line with Netox’s values. No one has a right to seek personal gain at the expense of the company or its competitive position. Netox employees do not give or accept gifts, travel, entertainment or services which go beyond customary hospitality or which might directly or indirectly influence the actions or decisions of the recipient.

Doing the right thing is at the heart of everything Netox does, both as a company and as individuals. This is how we earn and keep the trust of our customers and partners. At the same time, we ensure that Netox hires the most capable employees.

Occupational safety and health

Our employees are the foundation of Netox’s success. We care about each other, and this shows in how we serve our customers. We make sure that our employees have a safe and fair working environment that contributes to their wellbeing, where everyone can work to the best of their ability. We continuously improve our working conditions and promote health and safety. We do not tolerate any form of harassment, violence or security infringements. Our partners must also ensure that the working environment allows every employee to work safely, without fear of being exposed to either actual or threatened mental or physical violence.

We respect international human rights law and labour law in our operations. We recruit personnel and retain them in the company solely on the basis of their skills. We offer equal employment opportunities regardless of gender, nationality, religion, ethnic origin or any other similar personal characteristics. We also expect our partners to follow these principles.

Netox’s occupational safety and health committee regularly monitors the development of health and safety measures, and these are also monitored in joint dialogues. Our occupational safety and health activities comply with legal requirements, the OSH programme, the OSH plan, work instructions, and agreed procedures.

We focus on preventive measures. Induction and guidance emphasise the responsibility of everyone, both at work and in the wider work community, for ensuring a safe working environment and compliance with safety rules. We continuously improve our health and safety activities on the basis of assessments, analysis, corrective actions and other feedback. We ensure a safe working environment, for example by training our personnel in emergency preparedness.

We regularly carry out risk assessments based on ISO standards (ISO 14001, ISO 9001, ISO/IEC 20000-1, ISO/IEC 27001), which also serve as a basis for continuously improving wellbeing and safety at work.

Environmental responsibility

Our aim is to be environmentally sustainable in everything we do. We have an ISO 14001 environmental management system in place for our entire operations. We take into account the requirements of our environment, as well as safety and environmental concerns in both our supply chains and services.

Netox pays careful attention to sustainable development in all its activities. For example, we ensure responsible life cycle management, reuse or recycling of end-of-life equipment, we invest in energy efficiency, and we use renewable energy wherever possible. We choose operators that promote sustainable development and environmentally friendly practices.

Netox’s services and processes are designed to maximise the efficient use of energy, natural resources and raw materials, and to minimise waste. We expect our suppliers to follow the same principles.

Data security

Netox is committed to data security and data protection. We are involved in national and international data security development projects. We have a certified ISO/IEC 27001 data security management system for all our operations.

We maintain a level of physical and information security that protects and guarantees the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data and materials about our business partners, customers and other stakeholders. We also ensure data security and data protection integrity with our partners and the authorities when we are a partner in projects that are critical to them. We continuously assess the suitability of our data security management tools and practices for our own and our customers’ needs.

Netox ensures business continuity even in the event of disruptions and exceptional circumstances. We make sure that every employee has access to the information they need to do their job. We also uphold our duty of confidentiality: every Netox employee and every partner working on behalf of Netox has an obligation to keep their work confidential. We ensure that all our staff are aware of data security matters and receive regular training in this area to keep their skills up to date.

Data protection is extremely important to our customers and our employees, and we are committed to respecting and protecting their personal data. We process the personal data of our customers and employees in accordance with the law and our internal guidelines. We have data processing agreements with all our subcontractors to ensure the level of data protection of our subcontractors, and thus ensure the required level of data protection of our services. Each member of Netox personnel who has access to personal data is responsible for the careful handling of data in accordance with our policies and guidelines.

Service quality and continuous improvement

Netox provides quality products and services. We deliver services and products according to contracts, and continuously develop our operations and services to meet the requirements and expectations of our stakeholders. We continuously improve the expertise and motivation of our staff and follow best practices in the IT industry.

We regularly measure and assess quality to meet customer requirements and further improve customer satisfaction. Netox has a certified ISO 9001 quality management system and ISO/IEC 20000-1 service management system for all its operations. This ensures that our service is of excellent quality and efficiency, and our management is based on the ISO 9001 standard.

We are constantly striving to do better and better. Our business is based on customer needs and expectations, which guide the development of our services. We use customer satisfaction surveys and various other ways to learn what our customers think of our service, and we make continuous improvements accordingly.


We make every effort to communicate transparently, openly and proactively with all our stakeholders but without disclosing confidential or sensitive information that could harm Netox or its customers. Only specifically designated persons are allowed to express the company’s official views on matters.

Partner management

We ensure that our suppliers, partners and our supply chain are committed to the same ethical principles as we are.

Breaches of ethics

It is important to Netox that violations of the applicable laws and regulations or ethical principles be reported to us immediately. Anyone who reports a suspected infringement must not be discriminated against or penalised in any way. Breaches of ethical principles can lead to termination of employment or any other contractual arrangement.